• What is a urine infection test? Can it detect a UTI?

    If you regularly get urinary tract infections UTIs then getting a test of the urinary tract through a urine infection test is critical. It can detect the presence of a UTI by checking for WBCs, bacteria, or RBCs in the urine sample. This should provide more details on whether you need further car... View Post
  • 10 ways on how to be fit and healthy for longevity

    If you want to stay fit and healthy long-term, then you need to think about the impact of your diet and lifestyle. In the event that you have a chronic condition that you are managing, you will need special modifications if you want to stay healthy and fit. Additionally, when understanding how to... View Post
  • What is an RFT blood test and how do I order one?

    An RFT blood test refers to a complete renal function test, that determines the effectiveness of your kidneys. It is a primary examination of your excretory system and the output of your kidneys as a function of the system. A renal function test RFT or a kidney function test RFT will be able to d... View Post
  • What tests are done for female infertility?

    INFERTILITY - WOMEN Infertility is on the rise and this can be attributed to a lot of different factors. Some couples cannot have a child if the woman or man is infertile,  in  rare  cases  it  could  be  both.  Infertility  is  when  a  woman  can't  get  pregnant  after  a  ye... View Post