• MyDiagnostics 45-Days Medical Weight Management Program

45-Days Medical Weight Management Program

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What is a Medical Weight Loss Program ?

There is a multitude of reasons why you may not be losing weight as quickly or effectively as you would like to. 

Having metabolic issues like insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction or hormones e.g. PCOS, high cortisol, low testosterone etc can cause unexplained weight gain that cannot be controlled with a workout alone. Also, adrenal fatigue syndrome and inflammation (caused by food intolerance) in the body cause weight fluctuations too.

Your digestive system is inhabited by intestinal flora that helps in nutrient absorption and also prevents a host of illnesses. It is quite certain that having an unhealthy balance of the gut flora can cause us to gain weight.”

If you are unable to lose the weight despite trying lots of things or have hit a plateau, then you need to look at the following -

  • Energy Balance Issues  
  • Hormone Balance including Stress markers 
  • Gut Dysbiosis  
  • Food Intolerance 
  • Metabolism pathways issues 
  • Vitamins & Mineral deficiency

This 45 days Advanced Weight-loss Program takes a structured approach to ensure that you loose those stubborn fat through science-backed approach delivered by our experienced team of clinical nutritionist & medical doctors. 

This Integrated care approach uses supervised nutritional & clinical intervention at the comfort of your home with high-touch engagement to keep one focused. 

Why one should enrol ?

  • Get to the root-cause of your weight-loss blockers 
  • Unwanted weight gain increases health risks & accelerates ageing. Taking a scientific approach ensures that you sustain the right weight for a long period of time 
  • Integrated care approach - Nutritional + Clinical interventions - Safe, natural & long-lasting  

Expected Outcomes 

  • Weight-loss - % body fat, BMI etc
  • Improvement in biomarkers such as hormones, nutritional, gut-issues etc     
  • Improvement in energy levels

How it works ?

The program is designed to be conducted at Home through online channel. So you can be anywhere and still execute.

Phase 1:

  • Take Self Assessment 
  • Book following test (Optional but recommended - Home based)  
  • Consultation with Registered Clinical Nutritionist & Review with medical doctor
  • Receive Your "Care Plan"
  • Engagement through regular communication 

    What's included ?

    • Consultation with Registered Clinical Nutritionist 
    • Review with the medical doctor & supervision
    • Individualised Care Plan & Engagement for 45 days


    • Tests are not included in the package. Pls, discuss with your practitioner for any test that is required.