• MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips
  • MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips
  • MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips
  • MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips
  • MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips
  • MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips
  • MyDiagnostics Caffeine Energy Strips

Caffeine Energy Strips : 30 Strips

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About Caffeine Energy Strips

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30 Strips/ pack  |  Serving size: 1 Strip

Active ingredients 


Instructions to use

- Place A Strip On The Tongue And Let It Melt Away.

- Use As A Dietary Supplement Only.

- Take Up To 2 Strips Per Day 3 Hours Before Bedtime.

- Do Not Chew For Maximum Results.

- Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose.

- Safe For Everyday Use


When to use 

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- Caffeine is a known ally of bodybuilding and elevated fitness, that increases alertness, improves mood and tolerance for pain caused by exercise, helps burn fat, and assists athletes do more work for longer periods in the gym and in sporting activities.

- It is a must as pre-workout energy.

- Caffeine is usually taken in the form of supplements by users as a part of pre-workout products.

Who is it recommended for 

Women and men 18+

About the quality 

- Dissolves in seconds without water
- No added sugar
- Low on calories
- Lactose & gluten free
- No side effects like acidity & ulcers



What are Caffeine Energy Strips?

Sports teams and international athletes choose energy strips as a fast, convenient, and sugar-free source of energy, which charges up your body in a risk-free manner. As the caffeine strips dissolve completely in just seconds, users get the benefits of instant energy strips in just 5-10 minutes without chewing or generating sticky waste. Traditionally, caffeine takes 45-60 minutes to be absorbed in the stomach when consumed in form of drinks, gels, or tablets.

When should I take this?

Presto power strips can be taken 5 minutes before a workout to experience its effect. A moderate consumption would be a single strip at once and then one more in between your workout. Anytime throughout the day, intra-workout, or in between an endurance event is okay but avoid taking 3 hours prior to bedtime.

Why should I use Caffeine Energy Strips?

Several studies have shown that caffeine improves performance, mental clarity, concentration, memory, and alertness, and helps you stay awake. As per research, small, frequent doses of caffeine are more effective than a single large dose. 100 mg of caffeine is present in each instant Energy Strip. (That's about a cup of coffee.)

When should I take Caffeine Strips?

It contains 100 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous and 4 mg of Vitamin B6 per strip. As general energy and mental alertness supplement, consume 1 to 4 strips throughout the day 3 hours before bedtime. You can take one or two strips 5 minutes before a workout in the gym.

What does it taste like?

It's a Blackcurrant Lemon flavor with a richness of health elements.

How much caffeine is present in one strip?

A strip contains 100 mg of caffeine with 4mg of Vitamin B6.