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Health Genetics

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Test Parameter Details

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    • Cardiovascular Risk 
    • Hypertension Risk
    • Obesity 
    • Diabetes Risk

Test Type - Genetics (Saliva swab)
Test Mode - At Home. A kit will be dispatched to your address

What's included 

  • Report, Analysis and Recommendations by Genetic science experts 
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  • Turn Around Time: 3 -4 weeks from the sample collection date

    • People looking to assess their genetic predisposition towards health risks related to metabolic disease such as diabetes type 2, cardiac, hypertension and obesity
    • People who have family history of diabetes type 2, cardiac, hypertension and obesity and wants to assess their risk 
    • Genetic makeup determines the body's predisposition towards metabolic disease such as diabetes, cardiac and obesity 
    • Provides timely warning of health risks
    • Manage your lifestyle early-on to avoid major complications 
    • No special preparation is required for the test

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