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Health & Nutrition Genetics

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Test Parameter Details

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  • Health Risk Indicators (4)
    • Cardiovascular Risk 
    • Hypertension Risk
    • Obesity 
    • Diabetes Risk
  • Micro-Nutrient Indicators (12)
    • Vitamin A Requirement
    • Vitamin D Requirement
    • Vitamin E Requirement
    • Vitamin B6 Requirement
    • Vitamin B9 Requirement
    • Vitamin B12 Requirement
    • Vitamin C Requirement
    • Iron Requirement 
    • Phosphate Requirement
    • Calcium Requirement
    • Magnesium Requirement
    • Anti-oxidant Need
  • Intolerances & Sensitivity Indicators (7)
    • Gluten Intolerance Risk
    • Lactose Intolerance Risk
    • Salt Sensitivity
    • Caffeine Sensitivity
    • Bitter Taste Perception
    • Sweet Taste Perception
    • Fatty Food Perception
  • Macro-Nutrient Indicators (8)
    • Regulation of Energy Intake
    • Carbohydrate Response
    • Protein Response
    • Fiber Response
    • Saturated Fat Response
    • Poly Unsaturated Fat Response
    • Mono Unsaturated Fat Response
    • Propensity for Weight Regain

Test Type - Genetics (Saliva swab)
Test Mode - At Home. A kit will be dispatched to your address

What's included

  • Analysis and Recommendations by NutriGenomics experts 
  • Click to see Sample Report
  • Turn Around Time: 3-4 weeks from the sample collection date

    • People looking to assess their genetic predisposition towards health risks related to metabolic diseases such as diabetes type 2, cardiac, hypertension and obesity
    • One can discover their unique dietary needs, intolerances to tailor their nutrition for specific sports
    • People aiming for fat-loss by understanding how well their body is metabolising macro-nutrients carbs, proteins, fat and fibres 
    • Genetic makeup determines how our genes impact specific metabolic processes (carb, fat, protein metabolism) that have a bearing on our overall health 
    • Our Genes determines how efficiently we absorb micro-nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants etc) which impact metabolism, hormones and critical functions in the body 
    • Provides timely warning of Health Risks.    
    • No special preparation is required for the test

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