Diabetes & Cardiac

  • Here are the Steps to Attaining Fasting Blood Sugar Normal Range

    The fasting blood sugar normal range is between 70 and 100 mg/dL. Through the right diet and lifestyle changes, you can improve your sugar levels to bring them to normal levels. Your blood sugar levels or blood glucose may also spike or dip during periods of... View Post
  • Managing Diabetes? Know the difference between Glucose and Fructose

    When managing diabetes, it is important to know what foods are relatively fine to eat and which aren't. It's vital to know the difference between glucose and fructose, so that you're able to refine your diet further. Additionally, it is important to know how... View Post
  • How do I make a Diabetic Diet Chart for Myself?

    If you have diabetes and are looking to make a diabetic diet chart, then it is important to know what foods are ideal and which aren't. You should also consult with your doctor about what modifications are required so that your blood glucose levels are constantly main... View Post
  • Here's what a TMT Test Positive means for your Cardiac Health

    A TMT test positive means that you may be having an underlying issue with your heart. While it is not a predictive test, it can provide more information to your cardiologist so that you can get further testing done. You should also get your entire medical hi... View Post
  • Do I need a TMT Heart Test? What is the TMT Test Normal range?

    The TMT test normal range applies to individuals without specific health conditions. It measures:

    • Heart Rate: After exercise, it should return to a normal range, with >12 bpm increase during recovery.

    • Blood Pressure: A >10 mm Hg drop in systolic pressure may indicate issues, and hypertension is noted above 250/120 mm Hg.

    • Uptake of O2 METS: Normal range is 5-8 METS; values <5 may signal an underlying condition.

    Assess symptoms for TMT relevance:

    • Chest Pain: A crucial indicator.
    • Headaches: May be linked to heart issues.
    • Shortness of Breath: An important sign.
    • Skipping Heartbeat: Not to be ignored.
    • Circulation Issues: Warrants testing.
    • Low Energy: Indicates potential heart concerns.
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  • Here's what a TMT Test Means for people with a Cardiac issue

    The TMT test is the ideal stress test for checking heart rate, blood pressure, and other readings during physical movement. Your risk of coronary artery disease can be determined through a treadmill test which is designed to check for aberrations. The treadm... View Post
  • What are the main benefits of a CGM sensor? How do I buy a CGM device?

    There are several important benefits of a CGM sensor, specially as it relates to better accuracy in tracking. Continuous glucose monitors provide highly accurate glucose readings in a timely way. You can track your blood glucose level more closely, giving yo... View Post
  • How do I Control Sugar? What is the Right Sugar Test Machine Price?

    Measuring your blood sugar level accurately is one of the most important aspects of managing your sugar. You can get the right blood glucose monitor device, and have your blood glucose levels checked regularly. You can also quickly get a reading if you are f... View Post