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  • What is the difference between ECG and ECHO tests?

    There may be times when your doctor may ask you for a complete scan of the heart through an ECG or an ECHO test. The testing protocol is a mandatory one to check the electrical activity of the heart via an ECG, and the visual scan via an echocardiogram of your heart. When is an ECG or ECHO done? ... View Post
  • What is the CRP test? What is the CRP test normal range?

    The CRP test or the C-Reactive Protein test is a comprehensive examination of the levels of the C-reactive protein in the body. Through the blood test, the levels of CRP can be measured which are released by the liver into the blood. The levels of inflammation can be tested by analysing the CRP t... View Post
  • When do I need an echocardiogram?

    An echocardiogram is an image of your heart to determine aberrations, infection, damage, and other potential cardiac issues. The test uses high frequency sound waves or ultrasound to create a visual representation of your heart. Your cardiologist or general practitioner may recommend getting an e... View Post
  • 2D Echo vs ECG: Which test is best for you

    Doctors often recommend getting a complete heart scan, which is why you should know the differences between 2D echo vs ECG. Both an ECG and echo test are necessary to uncover cardiac health issues and irregularities, and are vital if you are at higher risk. Both an echo and an ECG are tests of th... View Post
  • What is a TMT test? What's the right TMT test cost in India?

    The TMT test is a treadmill test or a stress test that is designed to uncover potential cardiac issues when the heart is under controlled stress. The treadmill test TMT allows you to perform a range of activities on a treadmill within the test parameters. It is important to get the right TMT test... View Post
  • Understanding How ECG Test Is Done For Cardiac Patients

    An ECG or an electrocardiogram is a scientific way of measuring the signals of your heart. The test is designed to inform your doctor about potential cardiac issues through the analysis of the heart beat. If you are experiencing the symptoms of cardiac issues, such as palpitations, lack of circul... View Post
  • What is 2D echo test? When is a 2D echo test used?

    A 2D echo test is used to determine underlying heart health issues through the 2D echocardiography technique. Doctors can use the 2D echo to determine abnormalities or blockages that may be present in your heart. You can get regular 2D echo tests done as a part of your overall health screening pr... View Post
  • What is TMT test for heart? What does a TMT test determine?

    A TMT test or a treadmill test is a test performed on a treadmill to determine the functioning efficiency of the heart. It can be used to screen for potential coronary artery disease, or if you have other risk factors related to heart disease. The stress test is ideal for the individuals that are... View Post