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  • Here's How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately For Women

    While there are several strategies to stop hair fall long-term, it is important to also check for the root causes of hair fall. When understanding how to stop hair fall immediately, it is vital to know why you are experiencing hair loss in the first place. Your hair could also be going through di... View Post
  • What is the best hair fall treatment for women?

    When understanding what is the best hair fall treatment for women available, it is critical to start with the core reasons of hair fall. There could be genetic factors behind hair fall, along with a chronic illness that could be causing hair fall. There are also several hair loss treatments avail... View Post
  • Here's how to reduce DHT levels in the body

    When looking at hair growth, the quality of your hair, and the strength of your hair follicles, it is important to get your DHT levels medically reviewed by a test. This can help you understand the levels of natural DHT, as well as the role of excess DHT and hair loss. Additionally, when understa... View Post
  • What does DHT do to your hair? Insights on DHT hair loss

    The role of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as a key androgen involved in hair loss is widely analysed by doctors worldwide. DHT shortens the anagen (growth) stage of hair, making the regeneration of the hair cycle minimized for men. This can result in male pattern hair loss and the appearance of hair ... View Post
  • How to Stop Hair Fall

    There are several causes of hair loss in men and women, such as genetics, lifestyle, infections, medication, and secondary health issues. In the event of temporary hair loss, the scalp may also be impacted requiring immediate treatment and regular monitoring. Hair loss is multidimensional as you ... View Post