Health Checks

  • How do I Check if I have Malaria? What are the main Malaria Symptoms?

    You can get a blood smear test which can check for the parasite under a microscope. You can book the test at any general hospital and get tested through a blood draw method. Your treatment protocol will be prescribed after the doctor checks your symptoms and your overall condition. There are als... View Post
  • What are Typhoid Symptoms? What is the Typhoid Fever Treatment?

    There are several symptoms of typhoid fever that you should track to minimize the risk of inflammation, swelling, and internal health issues. Typhoid fever is more prevalent during the rainy season or in areas that are more tropical, which is why taking the right precautions such as hygiene and c... View Post
  • What is the Cholesterol Test Price? How Often Should I Check?

    The cholesterol test actual price can change based on what other tests are included and which city you are opting to get tested. The ideal approach for a cholesterol test in India is to book a Total Health Vitals test through MyDiagnostics for INR 1499, giving you lipid panel and 60 total paramet... View Post
  • How Do I Manage Triglycerides vs Cholesterol Through Diet?

    There are several strategies that you can utilize to manage your triglycerides vs cholesterol levels. You can choose a range of all-natural, high nutrient, and low fat foods that can help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. While triglycerides and cholesterol are a type of fat that is requ... View Post
  • How much CRP level is Dangerous? What are the Symptoms?

    A CRP level of between 10 and 100 mg/L can be considered moderate, while anything above 100 mg/L can be considered severe. Your levels can also be tested according to any potential symptoms experienced for inflammation or infection risks. You may also be in the dangerous zone when your CRP level... View Post
  • What is the PLT test? What's the PLT normal range?

    The PLT test is the platelet count test, and is a required test for several health check-up protocols. The PLT normal range will be able to help you determine whether you have any infections or issues with your bone marrow platelet production. It's also important to note that in periods of high ... View Post
  • What is the Uric Acid Normal Value? How do I improve Uric Acid levels?

    The uric acid normal level is generally 3.4 to 7.0 mg/dL for men, and 4 to 6.0 mg/dL for women. There may be other factors, such as age, lifestyle, medication, etc. which can impact your levels, which is why consulting with a doctor is important. You can also focus on improving your uric acid le... View Post
  • Do you have these Eye Flu symptoms? Diagnosis & Treatment

    Eye flu or conjunctivitis can be a viral infection that can be present especially during the rainy season. You may start to experience burning, itching, and redness, as core symptoms of the infection. You should take immediate precautions and use over-the-counter medication for symptom relief. I... View Post