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  • The Best Strategies On How To Increase Metabolism

    There are several strategies that you can employ to boost your metabolism long-term. The best ways on how to increase metabolism involve lifestyle, fitness, and other critical modifications. You can make dietary additions, such as oranges, green tea, and fibre, to boost your metabolism as well. Y... View Post
  • What is a Prothrombin Time PT INR Test?

    Clotting is an important function that your body performs when you get an injury. When you experience clotting that happens too fast or too slowly, then you are at higher risk of condition escalation, such as with excess bleeding. You can bleed out further or develop dangerous clots in your artie... View Post
  • Know everything about dengue and get the best dengue test price

    Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that can affect anyone at any point. While there is no treatment available for dengue, it is important to treat the symptoms and get tested regularly for your blood count. You should also get the best dengue test price available, so that you're able to g... View Post
  • Dengue fever testing and understanding your dengue test report

    The dengue virus is a critical mosquito-borne infection that can spread through the biting of a mosquito. It is recommended to get tested immediately, as you start to experience the symptoms of the infection. The dengue test report should show whether you have the virus or not, along with critica... View Post
  • Why get a creatinine test? What's the serum creatinine normal range?

    With creatinine being a waste product generated as a part of the energy production process, it is a great test to determine whether your kidneys are working effectively. The serum creatinine normal range can provide insights on whether the kidneys are functioning optimally through different stage... View Post
  • What is a lipid panel? How do I get the best lipid profile test price?

    Getting a lipid panel test done on a timely basis is one of the most important aspects of health management. You need to know if your LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels are balanced for better health and longevity. A lipid panel will provide the right insights on what areas you need ... View Post
  • What is LFT? How do I get the best liver function test price?

    LFT stands for liver function test and is a comprehensive examination of the overall functioning of the organ. It is used to track liver and biliary tract diseases, which is why it is made available as a part of a complete package. If your doctor has recommended that you opt for an LFT, then it i... View Post
  • How To Form A Healthy Habit And Keep It For Life

    There are a million theories going around about how habits are formed. Some people believe that if a habit were to trigger the dopamine hormone center, we tend to follow through with that habit for longer. This often explains addictions, be it to sugar, nicotine or social media. There’s also the ... View Post