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  • Physical Health Diagnoses in Athletes

    ATHLETES As sports is become more popular and lucrative many people are taking it up professionally. Nutrition for an athlete depends upon the type  of  sport  and  also  intensity  and  duration  of  exercise.  Questions  about  weight  mana... View Post
  • The Role Of Genetics In Fitness And Endurance

    We humans are genetically the same people. Irrespective of where we come from and what we do, we are one and the same. However, the living conditions around us and our ancestors have determined and continue to determine which of our genes are expressed and which aren’t. The reason why so many Ind... View Post
  • How Does A Posture Assessment Test Benefit Me?

    Is movement and posture important only to athletes, or do the applications go much further beyond?A layperson may be completely unaware of aspects such as posture and movement. A novice athlete is not always able to attribute sports injuries to a problem wit... View Post
  • Body Composition 001: The Guide You Need To Read Before All Else

    In recent times, fitness enthusiasts and trainers alike have abandoned the BMI for body composition. There is reason to believe that body composition captures the picture of fitness than BMI which just measures the height to weight ratio in a scientific mann... View Post
  • Are Before-After Pictures Of Body Transformation Upsetting You?

    For the past two decades, or even more, fitness has been reflected in one metric alone- that of weight. From those looking to get married to those wanting to lose weight after a life event, several people have looked at weight loss as the ultimate goal to ac... View Post
  • Assessing your Cardio-Pulmonary System

    What tests tell you about the heart and lungs, and how this influences your performance overall.

    Aerobic fitness in simple terms is the ability of your body to take oxygen from the atmosphere and use it for physical activity. Anatomically, it is a measure of the efficiency of your heart, your lungs as well as your muscles.

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