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  • 5 Tips to follow everyday before stepping out

    With the ease in lockdown and life turning to normal slowly, it has been observed that there is also ease in people regarding COVID-19 protocols as more and more people step out each day for work, travel, essentials, etc. The spread of COVID-19 is on the rise and the once careful approach has now... View Post
  • 3 Health tips you must include in your everyday routine

    We are all into some sort of routine at times developed by us knowingly or unknowingly. Our everyday habits that form our routine also decide our health, and some of these habits might be unhealthy because of our lifestyle and the choices we make, and can eventually result in long term illness or... View Post
  • How your body fights the COVID -19 virus how can we test it ?

    In December 2019, a cluster of pneumonia cases, caused by a newly identified β-corona virus, occurred in Wuhan, China. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is an enveloped virus with a single-stranded RNA genome and is a member of the Coronaviridae (CoV) family which causes predominantly r... View Post
  • Time to beat Quarantine Fatigue

    Yes, at the start of the year 2020 we welcomed COVID-19 and home quarantine into our lives, forcing everyone to stay home for weeks. To stop the spread or flatten the curve, social distancing was and is made mandatory. It began when every one of us on social media was actively promoting #stayhome #staysafe. It took us a few days to upskill ourselves into artist, writer, fitness freak, dalgona coffee expert, even a 3 ingredient Masterchef! View Post
  • Do You Need A Preventive Health Check-up?

    Is prevention simply the absence of disease, or living healthy? Dear Readers :  The first thought that comes to most people's minds when they think of prevention is that disease can strike them anytime. The mental and physical stress that illness, chronic diseases put on a household cannot be qu... View Post
  • Fight COVID-19 threat with Increased Immunity

    COVID-19 It is now difficult to imagine a world without the pandemic. So what will determine our survival? Our good old friend - Immunity! Read on to find out how nutritional deficiency, poor gut health, lifestyle habits all play a vital role to build and heal our immune system. 

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  • Do you often find yourself sniffling through springtime or have a digestive system problem while having milk, break etc? If so, you may have a seasonal or food allergy. An allergy is the body’s reaction, often misguided, to a foreign body generally called an ‘antigen’.

    Do you know that nearly 550 million people, both adults and children, suffer from allergies the world over? Asthma alone is expected to affect 400 million people the world over by 2025.

    In this easy to understand Step-by-step guide, we go through the details of how the body functions, how allergies are caused, the difference between allergies, intolerances and auto-immune condition. how to test, manage and prevent this condition.

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  • Assessing your Cardio-Pulmonary System

    What tests tell you about the heart and lungs, and how this influences your performance overall.

    Aerobic fitness in simple terms is the ability of your body to take oxygen from the atmosphere and use it for physical activity. Anatomically, it is a measure of the efficiency of your heart, your lungs as well as your muscles.

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