Can a woman with thyroid problems get pregnant?

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When asking yourself can a woman with thyroid problems get pregnant, it is important to know your individual thyroid hormone profile. Many of the thyroid related conditions can be treated with medication, which makes it possible to get pregnant when you have a thyroid issue.

Your baby is also less likely to get impacted by thyroid medication when your doctor understands your complete medical profile and prescribes the right medicine. You can also keep a close track of potential side-effects and your symptoms escalation during your pregnancy.

Risk factors with thyroid hormone issues 


An underactive thyroid can lead to problems with conception as women may have longer and heavier periods. You should get a complete test done to ensure that you are able to start a family without problems.


When left unchecked, hyperthyroidism can lead to severe complications which may impact your pregnancy. You should consult with your doctor about adjusting your medication, when you are pregnant.

Postpartum Thyroiditis

If you have thyroid auto-antibodies, then you may start to develop an inflammatory disorder called postpartum thyroiditis. You can take the necessary medication to help with managing the condition.

Key precautions to take with a thyroid condition

There are several precautions that you need to take when you have a thyroid condition.

Getting tested frequently

You want to have a complete track of your thyroid hormone levels, which involves regular tracking of levels.

Adjusting medication

You should also focus on adjusting your medication for your thyroid condition during pregnancy, so that your overall levels are optimal through the course.

Regular ultrasounds

You need to get regular ultrasounds when you have a thyroid hormone issue.

What are the early symptoms of a thyroid problem?

If you are planning for a family then you should be mindful of the early symptoms of a thyroid hormone problem.

Greater sensitivity to cold

If you have a greater sensitivity to the cold and you're trying to get pregnant, then you should get tested for thyroid levels immediately.

Constantly tired

While lower energy during pregnancy is normal, your thyroid hormone levels in the body may already have been imbalanced.

Sudden changes in weight

The thyroid is responsible for metabolism, and your doctor may recommend a thyroid test if you have suddenly gained a significant amount of weight.

Difficulty with mood management

A thyroid condition may make mood management more challenging in pregnancy, which is why testing of thyroid levels is important when planning for family.

Changes in heart rate

One of the symptoms of a thyroid problem is increased heart rate. The risk of complications arising out of heart palpitations are critical.

Changes in voice

A thyroid imbalance can lead to hoarseness in voice, or a change in how you sound and your speaking voice.

Muscle weakness

You can experience muscle weakness as well as a lack of proper muscle recovery when you have a thyroid issue

Issues with anxiousness & depression

Changes in your thyroid levels can lead to problems with anxiety and depression.

Problems with memory and concentration

You may also have an issue with remembering things, as well as focusing on certain tasks. 

Where can I get a thyroid test done in India?

You can get a complete thyroid test in India with at home convenience for pregnant women, through MyDiagnostics.

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