Here's How To Check Thyroid At Home In India

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You can check your thyroid at-home with simple at home physical and blood tests. Additionally, when analysing how to check thyroid at home, it is vital to know what you're looking for.

Of the many functions of the thyroid gland, the major one is regulation of sleep. If you have a thyroid condition and you have a secondary illness then your recovery will be impaired further.

Step 1 - Check for symptoms

There are multiple symptoms that you should check for as a standard at-home checking practice.

Sudden changes in weight

If you have suddenly gained a significant amount of weight, then you may need to check your metabolic health.

Feelings of anxiety

You may have sensations of nervousness, anxiety, and depression, if your thyroid is out of balance.

Difficulty with mood management

You can have trouble with managing your mood, when you have a thyroid problem.

Problems with menstrual cycle

Your menstrual cycle regularity and flow can be impacted when you have a thyroid issue.

Heart rate changes

You can have a sudden spike or decline in your heart rate, which can be a cause for concern.

Chronic fatigue

You may feel constantly tired without much energy left for tasks.

Muscle aches

If you constantly have muscle pain then you should understand whether this is being caused due to thyroid issues.

Difficulty concentrating

You can experience low concentration and brain fog as well when you have a thyroid issue.


Step 2 - Locate lumps and nodes

Checking for lumps in neck

You may have a lump in your neck which you can check for through a physical examination.

Lumps when swallowing

If you find a lump when swallowing, then you should get your thyroid tested.

Mirror test

You can use a mirror to check if you find visible nodules present. 

Step 3 - Order an at-home thyroid test

You should order at home thyroid tests for the analysis of your hormonal levels. The thyroid is a critical hormone that controls several functions, which is why knowing your thyroid profile is key.

Find the thyroid test on MyDiagnostics

You can find the right test of thyroid hormones through MyDiagnostics in the testing list.

Placing the order

You can place the order for a thyroid disease test by adding it to the cart.

Completing payment methods

You can complete the order by providing the payment method for the order placement.

Following instructions

You need to follow all the instructions provided by the testing specialist.

Providing the sample

You can provide your blood sample to the laboratory technician from the comfort of your own home.

Receiving the report

Once you receive your report, you can check your thyroid levels easily. You can also share the report via email with your doctor.

Understanding the benefits of at-home testing

There are several benefits of at home testing for someone with a thyroid condition.

Convenience of testing

You can get a complete test done at home, which is an ideal option when you are already tired and are experiencing the symptoms of thyroid conditions.

Better pricing

You can get a better pricing model, especially if you need to order multiple tests.

Wider testing network

At home testing providers have a wider testing network, making it easier to book a test within a shorter timeframe.

Placing order for others

You can order multiple tests for yourself and your family members with ease.

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