Inspirational story of a working mom battling Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

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       I was a new mom and like any other working woman had rejoined office after 6 months of maternity leave. However, even after 18 months postpartum I was not feeling any better. Fatigue and joint pains had become a part of my daily life and I looked pale and tired throughout the day. Even the usual cup of coffee that helped me get through the day was not working out. I became snappy and irritable with my colleagues and family members. I was also gaining weight which is considered to be quite a normal change post-pregnancy. Everyone thought that I was going through postpartum depression and suggested different ways of dealing with it. It was when we started observing a slight swelling around my throat, that my husband decided that I should get my symptoms tested for. But due to my hectic schedule of managing work and taking care of my newborn, I was unable to take out time for getting the tests done.        

 It was during this time when we were looking for reliable home-based testing services that we came across MyDiagnostics. We contacted their team through their website and received a prompt reply. After understanding my symptoms thoroughly they suggested me to take up one of their comprehensive health test packages. I chose a date and time according to my convenience. Timely collection of samples were done and I received my results on time. On receiving the reports we realized that I was suffering from hypothyroidism. Further testing revealed that I was suffering from Hashimoto's disease

At first, I was instilled with fear but the team at MyDiagnostics set me up for a consultation with one of their experienced practitioners. The consultation allayed my fears. I was provided with all possible information on Hashimoto's disease. The practitioner explained how I could lead an active lifestyle with proper nutrition, medication and exercise.     

          Today, I can lead an active and happy life even with my Hashimoto thyroiditis. I can manage my work and home efficiently.

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Did you know that More than 50% of all thyroid cases are auto-immune ( Hashitomo and Graves) related.   

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