Why we started MyDiagnostics

The future of preventive health is here and it's more incredible than you think. Old notions of wellness and disease will be replaced by a new paradigm: "Optimisation" being a state that extends beyond the absence of symptoms, to include vibrant health and limitless potential for growth. We'll learn how our bodies work on multiple levels, from what goes on beneath our skin to how our minds affect our physical well-being.

Our effort is to bring advances in continuous monitoring sensors, genomics, microbiome, metabolic testing, neurotransmitters & DIY-testing that are creating an entirely new empowerment for preventive health care — one that provides the tools and resources needed to monitor your own body at home!

Going Beyond Prevention

The true purpose of preventive health isn't about predicting disease—it's about optimising performance. The goal isn't to catch cancer or diabetes; it's to live a long, healthy life full of vitality and limitless potential.

Vikas Gupta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, MyDiagnostics - 

6 foundational pillars of achieving vitality & limitless potential 

Better Health

Data-Driven care that help you monitor your own health and symptoms through tracking devices, sensors and meaningful tests

Better Fitness

Improve upon your personalized fitness goal and build upon your endurance, strength, power and flexibility. The goal should also be centered around injury prevention 

Better Nutrition

Scientific and personalized nutrition to improve upon your micro and macro-nutrient parameters. The goal is to choose nutrition basis your personal goals 

Better Appearance

Looking young, and having better skin and a youthful glow is a sign of inner health and overall wellbeing and longevity

Better Sleep

Setting your sleep goal is important for recovery, rejuvenation, healing and better mood all throughout the day. Sleep quality improves fatigue levels. 

Better Mindset

Develop systematic rituals that factor into your agile daily schedule to focus on mindset and visualization and helps your stay on track

We focus on enabling our consumers with

Meaningful Tests

At Affordable Pricing

Simplified Reports

Right Knowledge

This is us

Team of passionate core medical, functional medicine, behavioral science, and wellness experts along with tech geeks who wants to bring a revolution to state-of-the-art preventive medicine to India and beyond.   

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Vikas Gupta

Co-Founder Chief Product Officer

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Srinivasa Vivek


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Muruganandam N


Team member

Dr Arun K 

Medical Advisor

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Dr Gurmeet

Medical Advisor
MBBS, Family Medicine

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Dr Sowmya Bharani

Medical Advisor
PhD, Nutrigenomics

Team member

Dr Spoorty

Medical Advisor
MD, Internal Medicine

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Dr Ram

Medical Advisor
Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Sleep & Obesity Medicine

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Dt Sheetal

Wellness Advisor
Registered Dietitian






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