Online HRA

Basic Information

Section 1: How stressed are you ?

The following questions ask about your feelings and thoughts during THE PAST MONTH.

In each question, you will be asked HOW OFTEN you felt or thought a certain way.

The best approach is to answer fairly quickly and tell me the answer that in general seems the best.

Section 2: How fit are you ?

Section 3: How healthy are you ?

Section 4: Lets assess your Lifestyle

Section 5: General Health Risk

Below you will find a list of statements. Please rate how true each statement is for you. Use the scale to make your choice.

Privacy Preserving & Confidential

We safeguard and do not share the Personally Identifiable Information which we may receive from you during the course of Online Health Risk Assessment. Only consolidated function output analysis may be shared with the organisation upon request.

Please use your personal email address during the assessment.