The science of you is the simple ways of knowing your body through the most relevant tests so that you take control of your health and fitness

This is the most accurate indicator of my current health. Close to 70% of healthcare decisions are made on blood tests. The Red Blood Cells regenerates every 3 months and this the blood parameters changes due to our nutrition, medication or supplementation use, lifestyle & environment

This is what I am born with. I can use my genetics data to adjust my lifestyle and nutrition for better health and fitness. My Genes do not change but certain genes may get expressed (switched on) basis my life style and environment

This is what I am composed of currently. Scans help me measure my fat, muscles and bone density so that I can tailer my nutrition and exercise. If I get injured scans provide objective view of the extent of my injuries. My body composition changes quite frequently  

This indicates my current fitness levels. I can measure my strength, endurance, mobility, agility, power, speed and improve specific areas. Fitness is dynamic and it requires constant work to maintain or improve from the current levels. Monthly assessment is recommended

Metabolites are urine (waste product) from which one can learn about the metabolism and nutrient sufficiency. Microbiome are the good bacteria in our gut and it tells us a lot about our digestive system health which impacts our nutritional status and health

Heart rate data from the wearables provide me with valuable information regarding my stress levels by measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Other qualitative assessments such as mood, fatigue level, sleep quality, soreness also provides good indicators of my overall wellbeing