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Fitness Genetics (Young Athlete)

Rs. 5,900

  • Fitness Dimensions (9)
    • Aerobic Capacity
    • Anaerobic Capacity
    • Endurance
    • Power
    • Flexibility
    • Muscle Fatigue and Lactate Threshold
    • Muscle Injury
    • Injury Repair
    • Exercise & Fat Loss

Test Type - Genetics (Saliva)
Test Mode - At Home. A kit will be dispatched to your address

What's included 

  • Report, Analysis and Recommendations by Genetic science experts 
  • Click to see Sample Report
  • Turn Around Time: 3 -4 weeks from the sample collection date

    • Young athletes ( 7 - 18 years) looking to develop foundation for fitness and performance by understanding their inherent physical strength and limitations
    • Young athletes who are pursuing endurance or power sports and would like to boost their training effectiveness 
    • Young athletes looking to overcome their performance limitations & injuries by gaining additional insights via Genes   
    • Genetic makeup determines the body's endurance levels towards an exercise activity. Having an understanding of your genetic makeup, one can optimise their training to target precise improvements  
    • Genes have a powerful role in determining your sports performance and fitness level
    • Genetics provides valuable information regarding the risk of sports injury. Using this insight one can adjust training plan to include more injury prevention or strengthening exercises  
    • Don't eat 1 hour before the saliva sample is dropped in the test kit