Allergies & Immunity

  • What is IgE test? How can I buy IGE test in India at the best price?

    If your doctor wants to know if you are experiencing an immune response to a potential allergen, then they may recommend getting an IgE test. The specific IgE test of the presence of the protein, can be determined with an allergy blood test. When understanding what is IgE test, it is critical to ... View Post
  • How do you use a food intolerance test?

    It's important to understand what a food intolerance test is and how to use it for your benefit. You need to buy the right food allergy and intolerance test that can provide deeper insight into your overall health measures. You can get the blood test done from the comfort of your home and get you... View Post
  • Things You Didn’t Quite Know About Food Allergies

    Allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities are often combined under one blanket term, and they are also diagnosed and treated as such. For example, if you try a new food product and develop a rash immediately, is it a food allergy? Likewise, if another food causes your digestive system to go ... View Post
  • What Are Food Allergies?

    Food allergies are often considered the most common kind of allergy in children. They affect about 4-6% of all children the world over, and can vary from allergies to nuts and milk protein to allergies caused by shellfish and even wheat and soy products.   An allergy is the body’s misguided attem... View Post
  • What are Allergies?

      Do you often find yourself sniffling through springtime? If so, you may have a seasonal allergy. An allergy is the body’s reaction, often misguided, to a foreign body generally called an ‘antigen’. Every day, the human system is exposed to a variety of foreign particles. Some of these, such as ... View Post
  • What is Asthma?

    Asthma is a common issue in today’s times, mostly understood as a respiratory condition. Even today in India, awareness about the nature of asthma, and thus its intensity, is not very prevalent.  What is not known to many is that Asthma is actually an allergy. Allergies are of many types like foo... View Post
  • Are you suddenly Intolerant to your favourite foods!

    Hey there! How are you?I hope you're having a great day. I have a quick question for you: Are you suddenly intolerant to your favorite foods? It's not just that your taste buds have changed—it's that your body is changing. In the last few years, we've been seeing some big shifts in how food is pr... View Post
  • Winning against long-term allergy

    Respiratory diseases have been on a rise at an alarming rate all throughout the world and can prove to be fatal if not taken care of. However, dealing with allergies can prove to be a difficult task. Here's a story of a young man who triumphed in his battle against his allergies. View Post