Allergies & Immunity

  • Here's why you should get a Total IgE Test if you have Allergies

    The total IgE test is designed to check for elevation in IgE levels, which can rise as a result of an allergic reaction. You may be allergic to a range of things, such as dust, pollen, pollution, animal proteins, and peanuts, which is why getting your IgE le... View Post
  • What is Immunoglobulin E test? How should I Interpret the IgE Results?

    The IgE test is essentially an allergy test that detects specific groups of allergens that you may be allergic to. It is a scientific test as it directly measures the allergic response in the form of rising IgE results. You can check for a range of foods, go... View Post
  • When is High IgE Levels Dangerous for Senior Citizens?

    High IgE levels can be dangerous for a number of reasons, including risk escalation, undiagnosed condition, and symptoms complexity. A senior citizen may not realise that they have a condition based on the types of symptoms present and may need a blood test ... View Post
  • What is IgE? What are the Normal IgE levels by Age?

    IgE testing is important for a variety of reasons, especially when you are managing an autoimmune condition, allergies, or other medical issues. You can get a precise IgE reading by getting a blood test done to compare against normal IgE levels. What is IgE? ... View Post
  • When do I need an allergy profile test done?

    You need an allergy profile test when you start experiencing the key symptoms of allergic reactions. These symptoms may be unique or multi-fold in appearance, which is why you need to get a test done to check what things you may be allergic to. You can get a... View Post
  • When should I get an allergy test? What's the best allergy test price?

    If you are starting to experience the preliminary symptoms of an allergic reaction, and have been dealing with chronic symptoms then getting an IgE test is key. Allergy testing through a blood test of the various allergy categories, can help in determining t... View Post
  • What is the IgE test? What is the IgE test normal range?

    When exposed to a potential allergen or pathogen, our bodies release antibodies as a response. This raises the level of IgE in the blood, which can be tested through a test to determine whether you are experiencing an immune reaction. The IgE test is vital f... View Post
  • What is IgE test? How can I buy IGE test in India at the best price?

    If your doctor wants to know if you are experiencing an immune response to a potential allergen, then they may recommend getting an IgE test. The specific IgE test of the presence of the protein, can be determined with an allergy blood test. When understandi... View Post