COVID 19 & Infections

  • COVID and GI - Is Diarrhea a Symptom of Corona?

    For some individuals that have gotten the coronavirus, there may be some long-term effects that impact the gastrointestinal tract. You can experience diarrhoea, bloating, nausea, and pain as some of the long-term effects of COVID 19 in some cases. It is best... View Post
  • Here's what a Widal Test Positive means for someone with Fever

    If you are experiencing the symptoms of typhoid fever and you have a 103F fever then you need to get a widal test done. The widal test is a preliminary analysis to diagnose typhoid fever in people, and a positive report means that you may have the bacteria. ... View Post
  • These are the 7 Warning Signs of Dengue Fever you Should Know

    There are several warning signs of severe dengue, which is why it is important to track the critical symptoms of dengue fever. Dengue fever is a key risk factor when travelling and when around environments with unclean food and water. The risk of the virus s... View Post
  • These are the Major H3N2 Symptoms that you should Look Out for

    H3N2 is an important subtype of the influenza A virus, which is responsible for a large number of hospitalizations and treatment across the country. You can track the major symptoms of the virus so that you're aware of the potential effects that may be impac... View Post
  • What is a Widal Test? When Should I Get a Widal Test done?

    The widal test is designed to check for typhoid fever and can be performed through a blood sample analysis. If you are exhibiting the signs of typhoid then getting a widal test done is the right first step. A widal test can also be life-saving in many cases where the t... View Post
  • Here's what a Urine Culture Test Positive means for Patients

    A urine culture test is important to conduct when you are experiencing itching, burning, and other symptoms. Your UTI risk can be identified via the results of the urine culture test, giving you more information about your underlying symptoms. The presence o... View Post
  • What is a CRP test? What are the main CRP test uses?

    A CRP test or C-reactive protein test is an important marker for inflammation. Your liver produces the C-reactive protein as a response to inflammation in the body, which can be measured in the blood for further analysis. If you have the risk factors for ser... View Post
  • When Should I Get The CRP Test For Corona?

    If you are getting the symptoms of COVID 19, then a C reactive protein CRP test will help you know whether you have the virus. The early detection of the virus can be done in patients with corona symptoms, allowing doctors to prevent serious secondary conditions. You s... View Post