These are the Major H3N2 Symptoms that you should Look Out for

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H3N2 is an important subtype of the influenza A virus, which is responsible for a large number of hospitalizations and treatment across the country. You can track the major symptoms of the virus so that you're aware of the potential effects that may be impacting you.

Your doctor may prescribe antiviral medication for the flu, as well as symptoms-related medication for temporary relief. That's why it is vital to talk to your doctor about all the symptoms being experienced so that they're able to provide the necessary care.

These are the major H3N2 symptoms you should look for

You should look out for the following symptoms of H3N2 and get treatment immediately. You can get a lab test done in a hospital to check if you have the H3N2 virus.

Stuffy or running nose

You may have a stuffed nose or a running nose, which may feel different from normal colds. This may be in addition to brown sputum or congestion sensation as well. You can take cold medication to treat the symptom.

A sore throat can be another vital symptom that you shouldn't ignore. The sore throat can persist for long periods and you may require cough medication to help in this case.

Fever and chills

You can get a fever as high as 101-102 F, which may be accompanied by chills which are a shaking sensation. You can also experience this with an overall sense of weakness and body pains as an immune reaction.

Strong headache

You may experience headaches as a result of the immune response or due to dehydration, depending on the type of symptoms you are experiencing. You can also experience other pain symptoms.

Overall weakness

An overall sensation of weakness may be present in the body, which may not be connected to any deficiency or imbalance. You can get a blood test done to check if there is an issue outside of a viral infection.

Pain in the body

Pain in the body, such as in the back or shoulders, may be a response to the flu directly. This could also be an immune response that is increasing pain in the body overall.

You may be at a higher risk category if you fall under

Your risk factor may rise significantly if you fall under these categories, which include exposure risk as well as immune risk. You may be at a higher risk factor to catch the infection as well as spread it to others in these instances.

Kids under 5 years old

Kids may be more prone to the Influenza A virus as the flu of H3N2 spreads. The symptoms of H3N2 may also be more subtle in kids and worsen in a shorter period. It's important to know what are the symptoms of H3N2 influenza and whether there has been contact with anyone with the virus.

Seniors above 65 years

Senior citizens may be at a higher risk of contracting viruses, which may lead to issues with immune health. To prevent the spread of the H3N2 flu it is recommended to protect them from the H3N2 virus.

Chronic condition

Your immune system may be compromised if you are already managing a chronic condition, such as diabetes or arthritis. You may be at a higher risk factor for H3N2 and require immediate isolation or treatment depending on the situation.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women may also be at a higher risk for viruses and infections, as they may require additional assistance when it comes to health and disease prevention. You can provide the right care and ensure that the symptoms do not escalate beyond normal levels.

What do I do if I have the H3N2 virus?

If you have the H3N2 virus, the in most cases you can recover with antivirals at home. You can self-isolate and ensure that your symptoms are under control. However, if you are within the high-risk category then visiting a hospital immediately will be important. 

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