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Coronavirus COVID-19 RT PCR Test at Home for Delhi NCR (ICMR Approved)

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Sample Requried: Nasal and Throat Swab
Test Mode: At Home
Turn Around Time: 24 to 48 Hours
Fasting Time: None
Other Instructions: Reports are QR Coded
Recommended for: All ages

Available in  Delhi NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad)

Test is run at ICMR Approved Labs e.g Rapidx, Dr Lalchandani 

About the COVID-19 RT PCR & Omicron Test 

  • The COVID-19 RT PCR testing is a real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT PCR) test for the detection of nucleic acid from SARS CoV-2
  • The sample is collected via nasal or oral swabs and can be tested for accurate detection of Covid 19 virus. This test is available in New Delhi NCR Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad and is approved by ICMR.

  • You can also test your risk factor for Omicron variant with the testing package in Delhi. You can buy this Omicron COVID test in Delhi and receive an at-home testing package for convenient checking. With the rise in Omicron BF7, you need the right Omicron test name with the accurate results. The Omicron test report will also have extensive information about your risk factor, along with the CT value in COVID test Omicron report.

    When should I take a Covid 19 test?

    When you are experiencing symptoms of Covid 19 or have been near someone who may have tested positive for the virus, then it is best to take a test immediately. If you are also planning on traveling, it is important to be sure that you've tested negative as well. Additionally, if your parents or siblings at home have been exposed to the virus, then it is best to be prepared and get a test.

    How to find a Covid test facility in Delhi for RT CPR test?

    Individuals seeking a Covid test in Delhi or an RT PCR testing within the city, can reach out to us at 080-471-66161. We can schedule a Covid 19 test in Delhi through WhatsApp as well, for ease of convenience for anyone. An RT PCR test can be done safely if you are experiencing symptoms or may have come into contact with others who tested positive for Covid 19. For more information, you can click on the quick links and follow us on our social media to learn more.

    How can I order a COVID test Delhi NCR location?

    People living in Delhi can obtain a COVID test by visiting and selecting their city. There are several testing kits available in Delhi, and you can get a high quality test instantly by placing an order. The turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours for the test, which is recommended for all ages for Covid 19 tests. The test results will be available via email, with expert analysis provided as well for ease of understanding.

    What does the MyDiagnostics Covid 19 test contain?

    The MyDiagnostics COVID-19 RT PCR testing contains the following - 

    • RT PCR tests are convenient enabling cDNA synthesis from RNA samples followed by Polymer Chain Reaction
    • The one-step RT PCR allow both cDNA synthesis and Polymerase Chain Reaction.
    • Reactions take place in a single tube which simplifies the process.
    • The RT PCR test usually includes the following
    • SARS-COV-2 Reaction Reagent
    • RT PCR Enzyme Positive Control of SARS-CoV-2
    • Negative Control for Covid 19
    • Internal Reference A
    • The Covid 19 samples are collected at home.

    What does a positive result mean?

    A positive RT PCR test result shown on the RT PCR test means that you are currently infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is essential to be in quarantine if you have tested positive and to take the necessary next steps. It will be best to consult with your doctor immediately as well.

    What does a negative result mean?

    A negative RT PCR test means that it is unlikely that you have been infected with the virus or have the virus at this point. If you are also not experiencing symptoms of Covid 19, such as fever, body pain, difficulty in breathing, then it is unlikely that you have the virus. 

    What are the best ways to protect yourself from Covid 19?

    You need to wear a mask at all times when in a public space to protect yourself from the virus. It is important to get the best quality mask available and to consistently clean an old mask that has been worn several times. Replacing older masks, especially if you have had the virus at a previous time, is critical.

    If you also have symptoms of the virus or an in a vulnerable state health wise, it is important to take the right precautions such as self isolation, home tests, and oxygen monitoring. If you come into contact with someone who has been previously tested positive, it is important to self isolate and track symptoms immediately. A lab based report with comprehensive analysis will also provide instant information if you have the virus as well.

    What are the right steps when experiencing mild symptoms?

    When you are experiencing mild symptoms of the virus, it is important to reach out to a lab that can perform at home collection. You will be able to get instant results of your Covid status through a home test which can be booked through your smartphone or laptop within minutes. Your symptoms may worsen or improve depending on your viral load, which is why self isolation is key.

    You should also contact anyone who you may have met in the last few days, and inform them all of your symptoms as well. The best strategy to control the spread of the virus, regardless of its symptomatic nature, is to inform those that you may have been in contact with recently.

    You need to take your time with the recovery process and ensure that you are feeling better before going out again. it is important to improve your immunity with the right balance of nutritional meals and vitamin enriched foods. You should also consult your doctor for the right medication when recovering from the virus as well. 

    What does the RT PCR Test for COVID-19 mean?

    The RT PCR (Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction test) is a molecular-based diagnostic testing method. An RT-PCR testing is a laboratory test that allows the reverse transcription of RNA into DNA for the detection of the COVID-19 virus. RT PCR samples are collected in the form of nasal or throat swabs. It detects the virus even if the viral load is less and symptoms of the virus are not evident at first. 

    What is the efficacy of the RT PCR test?

    RT-PCR test (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction test)  is the most sensitive technique for mRNA detection. It amplifies and quantifies the presence of a particular genetic material of the virus or any pathogen. Real-Time RT PCR uses fluorescent dyes as markers to detect the presence or the absence of the virus.

    The major benefit of real-time RT PCR test procedure is its ability to give rapid test results for individuals. RT PCR testing in New Delhi is made convenient through the new availability of several laboratories that can provide expedited results for Covid 19 testing. An RT-PCR test in Delhi can be easily scheduled and executed by qualified lab technicians and Covid 19 specialists. 

    What is the meaning of CT value in an RT-PCR test?

    The Ct (cycle threshold) is defined as the number of cycles required for the fluorescent signal to cross the threshold (i.e. exceeds background level).

    Ct levels are inversely proportional to the amount of target nucleic acid in the sample (i.e. the lower the Ct level the greater the amount of target nucleic acid in the sample). 

    What do the CT values indicate?

    Cts < 29 are strong positive reactions indicative of abundant target nucleic acid in the sample

    Cts of 30-37 are positive reactions indicative of moderate amounts of target nucleic.

    Cts of 38-40 are weak reactions indicative of minimal amounts of target nucleic acid which could represent an infection state or environmental contamination. 

    Are COVID-19 home tests accurate?

    Yes, COVID-19 testing is accurate and can be taken multiple times to be completely certain. Additionally, they are easy to order and anyone can get a test in Delhi from online ordering. Sample collection is also easy and you can read your results from email when they are ready. You can get a Covid test in Delhi from our website and get your results quickly. If your symptoms are escalating and you have difficulty breathing, then it is important to immediately visit your nearest hospital. 

    What is the cost of the Covid 19 home test?

    The cost of the test in different cities will vary accordingly. You can check the price of home test in the drop down menu above. To get the test delivered to your home, add the test in your cart and place the order from the site. The Covid home test is one of the most reliable test solutions available to anyone across the country. 

    Is the COVID test painful?

    Confirmed by WHO, the COVID 19 RT-PCR test requires obtaining a sample of secretions along the full path of your nasal cavity, from the nostril to where your nasal cavity meets the back of the throat. To obtain these secretions, a medical professional uses a thin, flexible six-inch swab, similar to a regular cotton swab (but a lot longer). The test is not painful, however you may feel discomfort at the time of sample collection. 

    How does the clinician perform the Covid-19 test?

    The clinician quickly inserts the swab into the nasal cavity and pushes it all the way to the back of the throat before twirling it and removing it. This nasal swab also might tickle the vagus nerve momentarily, causing a gag reflex but it is not considered painful. Therefore, the RT PCR tests are highly reliable and non-painful methods of analysing the status of individuals against the Covid 19 virus. 

    What is the name of the Covid 19 test? What are the types of covid 19 tests?

    There are 3 types of COVID-19 testing -

    Molecular Tests

    • These tests look for the virus’s genetic material via a nasal or a throat swab and are the current standard for diagnosing COVID 19.
    • Most test sites use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, which are very accurate and are to be performed in large certified covid testing labs. 
    Antigen testing
    • These rapid coronavirus tests, which detect certain proteins on the surface or in the virus, are inexpensive, efficient, and fast. Many of these tests have been FDA authorized for emergency use, some even in home environment (Ellume).
    • They can be used to make a clinical diagnosis in symptomatic patients in first five days of symptoms.
    • However, they aren’t currently recommended for screening asymptomatic populations.
    Antibody Testing
    • An antibody test detects antibodies that signal that the body has mounted an immune response to the virus.
    • An antibody test determines whether you have antibodies to the virus, but not whether those are neutralizing antibodies, which are the best indicator that someone is protected from the virus.
    • Therefore, an antibody test does not indicate whether a person has a current COVID-19 infection, or when they were exposed.

    How to check COVID-19 rt-pcr report online?

    The covid test reports will be delivered to your email. You should visit your referring doctor with the report for the final interpretation. The test will provide details on the presence of Covid 19 virus at the time of your sample collection. You should also store your results safely within your email or a laptop for backup.  

    Is the covid test mandatory at Delhi airport for domestic flights?

    Currently, a COVID-19 test would be conducted only for symptomatic passengers. For domestic passengers, 14 days of home quarantine is mandatory. Only exemption would be granted to passengers who visit the state for a short period for purposes such as business, official, trade, medical, court cases, property management. It is important to obtain double vaccination per guidelines for travellers, or RT PCR test if required. To be completely certain of latest rules regarding domestic flights, it is important to review them regularly prior to travelling. 

    What is COVID RT-PCR Test?

    RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction test) is a molecular-based diagnostic testing method. An RT-PCR test is a laboratory test that allows reverse transcription of RNA into DNA for the detection of COVID-19 virus. Samples are collected in the form of nasal or throat swabs at your home in Delhi. It detects the virus even if the viral load is less. 

    How is the RT PCR test done?

    RT PCR test (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction test) is the most sensitive technique for mRNA detection. It amplifies and quantifies the presence of a particular genetic material of virus or any pathogen. Real-Time RT PCR test uses fluorescent dyes as markers to detect the presence or absence of the virus. The major advantage of Real-Time RT PCR testing procedure is its ability to give rapid test results. 

    Can I book COVID RT PCR for travel?

    Yes, you can book a covid RT PCR test for travel through MyDiagnostics. The individual does not need to wait for the results and can get them instantly via email. The RT PCR test results can be analysed individually, with comprehensive information on next steps if positive. It is important to know the results of the RT PCR test prior to travelling. 

    How soon can I get COVID 19 RT PCR Report?

    The Covid-19 RT PCR TEST will be delivered to you via mail in 4-7 days after sample collection. You are advised to visit your referring doctor with the report for the final interpretation. When inquiring for an RT-PCR test in Delhi, it is important to plan ahead for optimal timing. 

    How accurate is the RT-PCR Test?

    Yes, RT PCR Covid Tests are highly sensitive tests and can determine the presence of the COVID antigen even in small amounts. The RT-PCR test is highly accurate in determining the presence of the antigen, and it is advisable to perform RT PCR test multiple times for updated results. 

    When should I test for omicron after exposure?

    If you suspect that you may be at risk of getting the virus, then you should get tested immediately. The sooner you get a complete test for omicron, the lower your risk of the infection spreading. You can also protect yourself and your loved ones when you get an Omicron test at-home.

    How do I test for Omicron?

    You can get the rapid antigen test for the variant with an at-home test for Omicron. You can buy an Omicron test in Delhi to check your status from the comfort of your home. The rapid antigen tests for SARS COV 2 omicron variant can provide you with the right insights on your positive or negative status. You can also receive a report immediately, within a day or two, and know if you are at-risk.

    Are COVID tests accurate for Omicron?

    Yes, largely COVID Omicron tests are highly accurate to check if you have the virus. The Omicron variant can be checked with the right test for Omicron. Through the analysis of the CT value in covid test omicron, you can know precisely if you have the virus.

    What precautions are needed for Omicron?

    There are several key precautions needed to prevent an Omicron outbreak in your area. In Delhi, you should instantly book an Omicron test for at-home testing. The test for Omicron can help you know if you have been exposed to the virus. You can also ensure that you are always wearing protective masks, especially when you are going to high-density areas. You should also get tested regularly, to ensure that you are completely protected from the Omicron variant.

    Can Omicron be detected by rapid test?

    Yes, the test for Omicron is highly accurate and the virus can be detected through rapid testing. You can check for the presence of the virus through the Omicron test report, done via the rapid test method. You can buy an Omicron test in Delhi through MyDiagnostics.

    What is the Omicron testing timeline?

    It is important to get tested as quickly as possible, because the risk factor rises significantly after 5 days of exposure. You can infect others with the virus, especially as the potency of the virus increases within that timeline. You should get checked quickly.

    When should I test for Omicron after symptoms?

    It is ideal to get a test done instantly after you start experiencing symptoms. This is so that you can prevent the spreading of the virus to others, and prevent an outbreak from occurring in your area.

    Who should take the RT PCR test?

    • All symptomatic individuals who have undertaken international travel in the last 14 days should take the RT PCR test.
    • All symptomatic contacts of laboratory confirmed cases should take the RT PCR test.
    • All symptomatic health care workers All patients with Severe Acute Respiratory illness (fever AND cough and/or shortness of breath).
    • Asymptomatic direct and high-risk contacts of a confirmed case should be tested once between day 5 and day 14 of coming in his/her contact should take the RT PCR test.

    What documents are required to be submitted for RT PCR test?

    You are required to submit the following three documents which are mandated by the Government of India for RT PCR test. Without these documents, the test for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is not permitted.

    1. Government Photo ID proof (Aadhaar card/ Voter Id/ Driving license/Passport) to validate/ record the current address.
    2. Contact details for RT PCR test.