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COVID 19 Test in Kolkata - At Home Corona RT PCR Test (ICMR Approved)

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Sample Requried: Nasal and Throat Swab
Test Mode: At Home
Turn Around Time: 24 to 48 Hours
Fasting Time: None
Other Instructions: Reports are QR Coded
Recommended for: All ages

Available in Kolkata (within city limits only)

Test is run at ICMR Approved Labs such as Metropolis Lab

About the COVID-19 RT PCR Test & Omicron Test

  • This at home COVID 19 RT PCR test, available in Kolkata, is a real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT PCR) test for the detection of nucleic acid from the coronavirus.  
  • Home collection of the sample is done through nasal or oral swabs.  This covid test in Kolkata is approved by ICMR and can be purchased seamlessly through

  • Test contains -

    • SARS-CoV-2 RT PCR based confirmatory test through swab test (RT PCR) lab analysis which is the gold-standard for COVID 19 detection, confirming the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a home collected sample. 

     You can get the best test for Omicron in Kolkata delivered directly to your address with MyDiagnostics. You can check if you are positive or negative for the Omicron variant with the package in Kolkata. You can buy the Omicron COVID test in Kolkata and receive the testing kit at home, for convenient and private checking for the variant. With the growing rise in the BF7 variant, you need to check regularly if you are experiencing symptoms of Omicron. The CT value in COVID test Omicron will provide you a clear status. 

    What is the meaning of RT PCR Test for COVID-19 ?

    • The RT PCR test stands for Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction test. It is a molecular-based diagnostic testing method and is a widely used covid 19 test for determining the status of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals.
    • A Covid 19 RT PCR test is a laboratory test that combines reverse transcription of RNA into DNA for the detection of the COVID 19 virus. A sample is collected via nasal swab for the RT pcr test, which is sent to a lab to test in Kolkata for patient results.
    • It is primarily based on PCR, a process that repeatedly copies and amplifies the specific genetic fragments of the virus. This process ensures that there is enough of a sample to conduct the analysis, as swabs from patients yield only a tiny quantity of RNA, which is not adequate for the testing process. 

    What is the meaning of COVID-19 Antibody Test?

    • COVID 19 IgG antibody test identifies if a person was covid positive in the past, and has developed antibodies (IgG) against it. This antibody test is recommended for asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients exposed to coronavirus positive or suspected cases for the detection of the virus.  

    What does a positive RT PCR test result mean?

    • A positive result demonstrates the detection of the COVID 19 virus. It is an accurate indicator of the positive status of the presence of the virus, providing doctors and healthcare specialists information of the individual's status.
    • It is advisable for the patients to take multiple RT pcr tests across several days, to track the viral load present within the patient. At home tests are highly effective in providing the virus status in a safe and convenient manner.

    What do I do if my test results are positive?

    If your results are positive to the RT PCR covid 19 test, then you should immediately self isolate and go into quarantine at home. This test is highly accurate by the way that it is designed, and is a good indicator of whether you have the virus or not.

    The test results should shape your next steps and you should contact people who you may have met in the last few days. These test results should also be shared with your doctor or specialist, and can be used for periodic detection of the virus as well. You should also keep copies of the test, especially if you are taking multiple tests as they can be used for tracking the spread of the virus over time.

    What does the Ct Value indicate?

    • The Ct (cycle threshold) is defined as the number of cycles required for the fluorescent signal to cross the threshold (i.e. exceeds background level). 
    • Ct levels are inversely proportional to the amount of target nucleic acid in the sample (i.e. the lower the Ct level the greater the amount of target nucleic acid in the sample).
    • Cts < 29 are strong positive reactions indicative of abundant target nucleic acid in the sample
    • Cts of 30-37 are positive reactions indicative of moderate amounts of target nucleic acid.
    • Cts of 38-40 are weak reactions indicative of minimal amounts of target nucleic acid which could represent an infection state or environmental contamination.

    How to test for Covid 19 at home?

    rack the symptoms - The most important step to understanding whether you are positive for covid 19 is to track your symptoms. If you are experiencing key symptoms of the virus, such as sore throat, fever, body pain, and difficulty breathing, then it is best to get an rt pcr test done immediately.

    Both minor and severe symptoms should be tracked, which according to the World Health Organization are as follows -

    Mild symptoms - Runny nose, cold, sore throat, and headache.

    Severe symptoms - Prolonged dry cough, difficulty breathing, severe fever, onset of body pain, loss of taste

    Self Isolation - It is best to self isolate in the event that you are experiencing these symptoms. The virus can spread quickly from person to person, especially if they are immunocompromised or have pre-existing conditions that can worsen. In the event that you have also come into contact with someone who has tested positive, then it is best to self-quarantine in real time. A covid test is also the ideal next step if you are experiencing these symptoms for more than a day or two.

    Getting a home collection RT PCR test - An at home rt pcr test is one of the most convenient ways of testing your status of covid 19. In Kolkata, the tests are available online by visiting, and can be ordered safely across the city at any time. You should get the test immediately if you are experiencing severe symptoms such as loss of taste or smell.

    Using active protective measures - The most important thing, along with a covid test, is to start using active protective measures. Social distancing, washing hands regularly, avoiding direct contact with surfaces, and other measures can help prevent the spread of Covid in real time. This is the best way to prevent further exposure if you have tested positive for the covid 19 test.

    How can I buy a covid test online in Kolkata?

    In the event that you are experiencing symptoms of covid 19, you should visit for your covid 19 test. You can enter your pin code in the product page within your city for checking whether you can receive the test in your area. You can add the test to the cart, enter your details, and have the test delivered directly to your address.

    All the information about the home test is mentioned within the package, which can help you provide the highest quality of sample for RT PCR tests. Since RT PCR tests are only as accurate as the sample quality acquired, it's best to follow all instructions closely. The test will provide your covid status through the RT PCR testing method via email.

    How to check COVID 19 test report online?

    If you have purchased the Mydiagnostic covid 19 test in Kolkata then you should be able to check your reports via email. The kits in Kolkata can be delivered to your address, with comprehensive reporting shared via email post analysis. In the event of a positive result, the report can be shared with a doctor in real time for fast analysis. You can follow us for more details and insights on our website and social media.

    How long can you test positive for covid 19?

    Someone can get a positive COVID 19 test result as soon as two days after exposure, but one must wait for 5 days to get accurate results. You can take a home test in Kolkata immediately, especially if you are experiencing multiple symptoms of covid 19. While the immune systems of people engage differently when it comes to covid, it is best to get multiple covid tests done to be sure of your status.

    Is covid test painful?

    Confirmed by WHO, the COVID 19 test requires obtaining a sample of secretions along the full path of your nasal cavity, from the nostril to where your nasal cavity meets the back of the throat. To obtain these secretions, a medical professional uses a thin, flexible six-inch swab, similar to a regular cotton swab (but a lot longer). The clinician quickly inserts the swab into the nasal cavity and pushes it all the way to the back of the throat before twirling it and removing it. This nasal swab also might tickle the vagus nerve momentarily, causing a gag reflex but it is NOT PAINFUL. However, the covid test is not painful and can be taken multiple times without any pain experienced. There is mild discomfort experienced by the person which can be alleviated by focusing on breathing slowly in and out.

    How do I stay safe from Covid 19 in Kolkata?

    The best strategy to staying safe in Kolkata is to avoid public places that can cause an increase in the number of cases within your region. You can also wear a mask at all times to ensure that there isn't a rise in the number of Covid 19 cases in your vicinity, especially as the new variants of covid are emerging increasingly.

    You can get your self a test to find out if you're covid positive if you've come into contact with someone who has tested positive previously in Kolkata. By the way of home test, you can safely test yourself and get immediate results about their status. The test is designed to give highly accurate results, which should be used to determine whether you should quarantine yourself or not.

    What are the best practices for covid care at home?

    To keep yourself safe from Covid and the symptoms that the virus brings, you should wear a mask outside at all times. Minimizing the flow of strangers into home areas is also a good strategy to protecting yourself from the virus. For those who have been visiting other offices and the homes of clients and friends, they should get themselves tested regularly as well.

    People who have contracted Covid need to self isolate and start taking the right medication as prescribed by their doctor. They should focus on the best ways to improve immunity through diet, social distancing, exercise, and other healthy habits. They should also research about the ways to preventing the spread of Covid to ensure minimal exposure.

    Anyone who has been in contact with them should be informed to know their status as well. To be completely sure that there has been minimal infection spreading, you can urge those in your vicinity to take a test as well. At home collection of tests are easy ways of testing your covid 19 status, and can provide immediate results in Kolkata and other cities.

    For those who have been self-isolating after testing positive, they should take another test prior to going outside again. Sometimes the symptoms may not be present but the person may still have Covid in their system. If you've been previously tested positive, then to know your present status and the status of those around you, it's best to take another test.

    When should I test for Omicron after exposure?

    You should get the best quality Omicron test name available in Kolkata when checking if you have the virus. In terms of when you should test for Omicron after exposure, it is recommended that you get tested immediately. The quicker you get a complete test, the lower will be your risk of spreading the virus to other people. You can also prevent others from getting exposed to the virus, when you get the Omicron test at-home. 

    How do I test for Omicron?

    The rapid antigen test for Omicron can help you know your status with regards to the virus. You can buy an Omicron test in Kolkata to check your status in a private and convenient way. The rapid antigen test for SARS COV 2 omicron variant can be beneficial in helping you know if you have been exposed to the virus recently. You can receive your report immediately and you can check your status instantly as well. 

    Are COVID tests accurate for Omicron?

    Yes, tests designed for COVID Omicron are highly accurate and effective at helping you know your status. You can get an Omicron test at home through MyDiagnostics in Kolkata. Through the analysis of the CT value in covid test omicron you can know if you have the Omicron virus variant. 

    What precautions are needed for Omicron?

    In Kolkata, you need to be careful when in high-density zones. You can also protect yourself by wearing a mask at all times and by sanitizing areas that may have been contaminated. You should also get a regular test for Omicron in Kolkata from MyDiagnostics. This will help you know if you have the virus and how to best protect yourself and others. If you are at a higher risk of complications, then it’s best to check the best Omicron test name, and see your CT levels at home. 

    Can Omicron be detected by rapid test?

    Yes, you should get an Omicron test done in Kolkata through the rapid test method. Your report is also generated instantly, which helps you understand your risk factors. The Omicron test in Kolkata is available at MyDiagnostics for at-home checking. 

    What is the Omicron testing timeline?

    The first 5 days are crucial to monitor for anyone infected with the Omicron virus. You should also know that your risk of spreading the virus rises significantly after day 5. You should also get regularly tested through an Omicron test at-home via MyDiagnostics in Kolkata. 

    When should I test for Omicron after symptoms?

    The best approach is to get a test done as soon as you start to experience the key symptoms. You can prevent the spreading of the virus significantly when you have a comprehensive test performed to check for your risk factors of Omicron in Kolkata. 

    • All symptomatic individuals who have undertaken international travel in the last 14 days.
    • All symptomatic contacts of laboratory confirmed cases
    • All symptomatic health care workers
    • All patients with Severe Acute Respiratory illness (fever AND cough and/or shortness of breath)
    • Asymptomatic direct and high-risk contacts of a confirmed case should be tested once between day 5 and day 14 of coming in his/her contact

    You are required to submit the following three documents which are mandated by the Government of India. Without these documents, the testing for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is not allowed.
    1. Government Photo ID proof (Aadhaar card/ Voter Id/ Driving license/Passport) to validate/ record the current address.
    2. contact details