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  • Here's what an H pylori test positive means for patients

    The Helicobacter pylori or H pylori infection is a serious type of bacteria that can cause gastritis, peptic ulcers, inflammation of your small intestine, and other stomach issues. A positive test result can mean many things, especially if you have chronic stomach problems over the course of mont... View Post
  • Gut Bacteria And Body Composition: The Disgusting Guide To Good Health

    Listening or wanting to talk about bacteria is not something we would particularly love to do because with bacteria, we associate disease. But did you know that your body already hosts millions of bacteria? Even as you read this article now, there are countless bacteria active inside you! Grossed... View Post
  • What Is Ulcerative Colitis?

    Ulcerative colitis is a disease that affects the large intestine. It causes ulcers and irritation in the inner lining of the colon and rectum. In a subgroup of individuals with ulcerative colitis involving the entire colon, the last 1 to 2 inches of the small intestine may also be involved. The i... View Post
  • What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

    Commonly also known as IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes discomfort in the belly, as well as an issue with your bowel movements. You may feel pain in the belly, and the stool also may keep varying between thin to hard. This can manifest as a diarrhea or constipation and is not a life threateni... View Post
  • What is Constipation?

    Everyone would have had constipation at some point of time or the other in their life. When this happens, it is difficult to pass stools, and the bowel movement is less than normal or tough. This can be really painful at times and may even need medical intervention.  Certain people are used to pa... View Post
  • What is Inflammatory Bowel disease?

    Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD is a medical grouping of issues and disorders that can cause chronic inflammation. Symptoms of inflammation can include pain and swelling in the intestines, which can detrimentally impact the intestines and GI tract. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are a p... View Post
  • A way to one's health is through the gut

    In today’s fast-paced environment changing lifestyle and food habits have been identified as major reasons for an ever-increasing number of gut issues especially among the working population. Here, is the story of a young IT professional who decided to take charge of his health by managing his gut issues.

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