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  • Are Celiac Disease and Weight Gain related? How do I treat Celiac?

    Yes, there are certain reasons why celiac disease and weight gain are connected as there may be changes in how your body absorb nutrients. You may also experience weight gain due to a flare-up or temporary bloating when you come into contact with gluten. With celiac disease being largely an autoi... View Post
  • Is the Celiac Disease Diet Helpful? What do I Need to do?

    The celiac disease diet can be helpful for many people who are intolerant to gluten. A gluten free diet can bring relief from gas, bloating, pain, and bowel issues, while giving you a sense of wellbeing and vitality. You can also follow a gluten free menu wh... View Post
  • Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea? Follow this Guide

    IBS with diarrhoea mostly points to IBS-D, which is generally accompanied by pain and bloating. You can also experience bouts of constipation in between as well, but you may have discomfort and abdominal pain. You can follow our guide to get a better underst... View Post
  • Is IBS Dangerous? How is IBS treated in India?

    There are significant complications and risk factors associated with irritable bowel syndrome, but for many people it can be managed when the symptoms are identified during the early stages. Through blood testing, diet and lifestyle changes, and medication, ... View Post
  • These are the Main Irritable Bowel Syndrome Foods to Avoid

    You should have a list of irritable bowel syndrome foods to avoid so that you're able to prevent a flare-up and inflammation symptoms. These foods are common allergens and triggers in the case of IBS and can be tested through an elimination diet. An eliminat... View Post
  • The Best Ways on How to Cure IBS Permanently in Women

    While there is no direct cure recommended by doctors for IBS, there are several strategies you can use to make sure you don't get another flare-up. IBS can also be addressed as a diet and lifestyle-related condition, during the early stages of experiencing t... View Post
  • Do you have IBD? Check your IBD Symptoms Female & use these Strategies

    Inflammatory bowel disease IBD can be a stressful condition to manage over time. You can experience inflammation due to a range of reasons, which can include dietary, environmental, stress, and lifestyle related parameters. The right way to understand whethe... View Post
  • Here's How to Relieve Constipation on the toilet Immediately

    You may want to experience a normal bowel movement on the toilet when you are constipated. However, there are several reasons why you may be constipated, including stress, medication, underlying condition, dietary fiber, etc. You can follow these strategies ... View Post