• What are the Complications associated with Fatty Liver Grade 2?

    Fatty liver grade 2 is a serious condition in which there is excess fat present within the liver, which is beyond the normal safe levels. This could be because of excessive alcohol consumption or higher body fat, which could be adding to the presence of fat in the liver. There are several complic... View Post
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  • What are the Danger Level of SGPT and SGOT Readings?

    You should be mindful of the danger level of SGPT and SGOT readings, which should be avoided through your recovery journey. You can make the right changes in your medication, lifestyle, diet, and activity levels to improve your liver health over time. The normal levels of SGPT are between 7-56 un... View Post
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    We, as humans, may all possess the same set of genes. But our environmental conditions including weather, availability of resources etc. determine which genes are prominently expressed. This not just influences our individual physical appearance but also has an effect on how we react to certain f... View Post