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  • Is a White Discharge before Period Sign of Pregnancy success?

    An increase in oestrogen and blood flow to the vaginal area can create a white discharge substance to release. This is commonly referred to as leukorrhea, and is a natural process and an early sign of pregnancy. The white discharge after successful pregnancy is also referred to as cervical mucus,... View Post
  • What do BPD in Pregnancy Test Results mean for the Foetus?

    BPD stands for biparietal diameter which is an important foetal measurement to check for the baby's development. Average measures and normal means are tracked, to check if your foetus may have development conditions or risk of anomalies. Through a prenatal ultrasound, the estimate gestational age... View Post
  • What are the Lesser Known Reasons for Constipation in Pregnancy?

    While the main reasons for constipation during pregnancy are known, such as nutrition and lifestyle, there are several lesser known reasons as well. You can focus on these to get to the heart of the problem of constipation in pregnancy. You can also get a complete blood test done to get a better ... View Post
  • Vitamin Deficiencies and Other Reasons for Fatigue in Females

    There are several reasons for fatigue such as hormonal imbalance, stress, nutrition, inactivity, and poor sleep. These can be addressed with the right blood tests and changes in diet, lifestyle, and stress management techniques. Fatigue can also be addressed with the right changes in nutrition, a... View Post
  • Are you Experiencing Pregnancy Fatigue? Follow this Guide

    Pregnancy fatigue is one of the main areas that can impact wellbeing and vitality during the gestational period. You can improve your sense of energy and joy, by tackling pregnancy fatigue the right way. You can get the right blood tests done and ensure that you're managing your levels correctly.... View Post
  • Understanding what a Prolactin Test Means and its Results for Women

    Prolactin is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland, which is present just below the brain. Your prolactin levels are important to check as their measurement in your blood can help in understanding various symptoms. There may be several reasons why your prolactin levels are too high or... View Post
  • What is a Quad Marker test? What are the Quadruple test Normal Values?

    A quadruple marker blood test is a second trimester test that checks for potential birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities. The blood sample is tested for 4 key parameters within the quad screen test, giving doctors complete risk information about whether a birth defect or an anomaly exists. ... View Post
  • Here's what a Quadruple Marker Test Positive means

    A positive result on a quadruple marker test indicates that further testing may be required to confirm whether there is a birth defect or chromosomal abnormality. The out of normal range for the 4 test markers may not singularly indicate risk, but can enable doctors to run further specific testin... View Post