Cancer Screens

  • Is Cancer a Virus? How do I Detect it? What are its symptoms?

    Cancer is a genetic disease that is caused by the ways that our cells mutate due to changes in the genes. There may be several reasons why someone gets cancer, but the underlying reason why cancer cells grow is due to errors in cell division, damage to DNA, ... View Post
  • Can Cancer spread from one Person to Another? Know more

    No, cancer is not a communicable disease and can't spread from one person to another how infections or viruses can spread. When asking is cancer a communicable disease it is important to know that only in very rare cases can this happen in cancer patients. T... View Post
  • What is a CRP test? Can CRP Blood Test Cancer in people?

    It is important to get a C-reactive test done when you are experiencing the sign of inflammation or are managing a chronic condition. You can also get a CRP test done when you are on medication and want to understand the effectiveness. In some cases a CRP bl... View Post
  • What is a CBC test? How do I get the best CBC test price?

    When getting a complete blood count test done, it's important to know how to get the best package at home. You need a comprehensive package at the best CBC test price, so that you can benefit from what's available in the market. You should also know what a c... View Post
  • 3 Health tips you must include in your everyday routine

    We are all into some sort of routine at times developed by us knowingly or unknowingly. Our everyday habits that form our routine also decide our health, and some of these habits might be unhealthy because of our lifestyle and the choices we make, and can ev... View Post