3 Health tips you must include in your everyday routine

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We are all into some sort of routine at times developed by us knowingly or unknowingly. Our everyday habits that form our routine also decide our health, and some of these habits might be unhealthy because of our lifestyle and the choices we make, and can eventually result in long term illness or chronic lifestyle diseases.

But do we have enough time on our hands to correct our present unhealthy mistakes for a disease-free future?

Many of us struggle nowadays to manage the day and health become our lowest priority. But what if we can alter our everyday routine with few simple, scientifically proven tips which don’t need extra time in hand to adopt at all but are highly effective in the long term.

The tips mentioned below can prove very powerful in shielding you from some of the major diseases.

1. Wonders of Water

We begin our day with coffee or tea to feel refresh and energized before taking on the day’s work. Remember mornings are meant to heal our bodies and system from inside.

Physicians recommend drinking warm/hot water in the morning, usually with a lemon immersion. It purifies the toxin, aids digestion, helps melting fat deposits, destroys harmful bacteria in the body, even halts premature aging.

Recommended healthy ways to consume hot water.
1. One or two glasses of hot water, early in the morning, once you wake up and before brushing your teeth — at standing position.
2. One glass of hot water at least 15–30 minutes before a meal.
3. One glass of hot water, before going to sleep.

You can include more glasses of hot water throughout the day.

2. Post-workout Cold shower

Cold shower after a high-intensity workout can prove to be energizing, to recover from associated cardiac stress, increases the efficiency of the circulatory system thus maintaining cardiovascular health. Not only that circulation can give your healthier hair and skin as well.

3. Big on breakfast

How well your body burns fat (oxidizes fat) will lower your risk for chronic metabolic diseases like hypertension, abdominal obesity, and type 2 diabetes. A high-fat low- carb breakfast reduces the risk greatly.

If fat burning is impaired due to any reason it can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance which highly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer in older adults.

Thus to maintain fat oxidation (breakdown) dietary factors and the time of intake also play a very important role. A high-fat mean consumed at the start of the day showed 24hours of great fat oxidation and metabolic flexibility as compared to a high-carb breakfast.

Higher fat food such as eggs for breakfast is associated with greater weight loss and improved lipid profile, suggesting that the consumption of a breakfast relatively enriched in dietary fat may be beneficial for metabolic health.

Know your lipid profile markers.

*Medical Disclaimer - The following information is for educational purposes only. No information provided on this website, including text, graphic, and images, are intended as substitutes for professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor about specific medical advice pertaining to your condition(s)

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