What is a CBC test? How do I get the best CBC test price?

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When getting a complete blood count test done, it's important to know how to get the best package at home. You need a comprehensive package at the best CBC test price, so that you can benefit from what's available in the market.

You should also know what a complete blood count CBC test consists of, so that you can have better knowledge about why doctors recommend getting your blood count checked. A CBC complete blood count test can uncover the core reasons why you may be experiencing chronic symptoms.

What is a CBC test?

A CBC test is a complete blood count examination, which checks for anomalies in RBCs, WBCs, platelets, etc. It can help in diagnosing chronic fatigue, muscle loss, joint pain, and more serious conditions such as anaemia, infection and leukaemia.

It is one of the best ways to understand the core reason behind many major health problems. If you have been experiencing chronic symptoms of weakness, frequent fevers, and unexplained illnesses, then a CBC test should be carried out immediately.

Constituents of a complete blood count test

There can be several cell counts, ratios, and checks made available through a complete CBC test. You should refer to the tests offered within the ordered CBC package, to understand what is included in your testing kit.

Many of the top CBC tests in India focus on the following key test parameters.

Red blood cells count

Red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to your tissues throughout your body, which is why they are an important metric to track over time. They also take carbon dioxide back to our lungs to be exhaled.

A high RBC count can be alarming as there could be a risk of heart disease or serious cardiac issues. A low RBC count can also be dangerous and be a sign of anaemia. You can experience fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and other symptoms as a result.

White blood cells count

WBCs or white blood cells are a core part of our body's natural immune system. They play a vital role in fighting off infections, diseases, and other external agents. You can check for allergies, infections, and whether your body is currently fighting something by referring to high or low WBCs.

There are also multiple types of WBCs, namely granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils), monocytes, and lymphocytes (T cells and B cells). You should have a clear reading on your WBC count to ensure that your immune system is healthy.


Haemoglobin is the protein in the RBCs that helps carry oxygen to the body's tissues and organs. At the other end of the respiratory cycle, it also helps transport carbon dioxide from the organs and tissues back to the lungs.

Key conditions, such as anaemia, can be diagnosed if your haemoglobin count is lower than normal. You can also diagnose other medical conditions and symptoms through your haemoglobin count, especially if you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, etc.


It is also important to measure the amount of red blood cells present in the body as a ratio of the total blood count. This is a critical test to diagnose several medication conditions, as a higher or lower than normal count can be dangerous.

Key conditions, such as lymphoma, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, or recent blood loss can show up in the Haematocrit count test. If you have a higher than normal count, then you may be experiencing dehydration, polycythaemia vera, or heart disease.


The blood platelet count is a key measure of your body's ability to prevent and stop bleeding. The body can send a message to the platelets to travel to the site of injury, creating a clotting effect to stop bleeding.

If you are managing an autoimmune condition, bone marrow disease, cancer, or are on certain medication, then tracking your platelets closely will be important. You can ensure that your body is healing optimally through your platelet count.

Why do people get CBC tests done?

There are multiple reasons why people get CBC tests done regularly, and opt for the best CBC test price available in their city.

Tracking a medical condition

A medical condition that impacts blood counts, needs to be tracked closely with a complete CBC test. You should also get a CBC test done regularly if you are managing any major chronic illness.

Gaining control over levels

If your CBC levels aren't optimized, then it's important to get tested every few months. If your WBC count is lower, then you may be more susceptible to illnesses, which can hamper your recovery further.

Understanding reasons for symptoms

If you have been experiencing weakness, fevers, body aches, and other long-term symptoms, then getting a CBC test can help. It's one of the major tests that doctors recommend, when you're trying to understand why you are experiencing chronic symptoms.

Part of annual examination

As you age, you need to opt for a comprehensive health check-up package. You can get the best CBC test available at the best price in your city in India, so that you can take multiple tests in a cost-effective way.

What can a comprehensive CBC test reveal?

A complete blood count test can reveal inherent deficiencies in core levels, and the impact of specific medical conditions on blood counts. One of the main reasons why people get tested for CBC is to diagnose anaemia.

If you have anaemia then your doctors will also recommend that you track your CBC levels closely. A higher than normal RBC count can also be an early sign for heart disease, which is another reason why cardiologists recommend that everyone over the age of 50 years get their CBC count tested biannually.

Role of CBC test in overall health

If you are taking medication, managing a chronic illness, or experiencing long-term symptoms that are impacting your daily life, you can check the overall effects on your health through a CBC test.

The CBC test's role in overall health is significant, as it can provide detailed information on a blood count level. Apart from deficiencies, allergies, cholesterol, and other general markers, you need to also focus on your blood count to ensure that you're healthy.

A CBC test is also one of the first tests a doctor will recommend when you are experiencing symptoms of a heart or blood disease. Additionally, tests for immune system disorders will also include some form of CBC testing as well.

You should also get regular CBC tests done if you are pregnant. It is important to ensure that your child's health is not impacted if you are experiencing underlying symptoms because of low blood counts.

Senior citizens should also have CBC tests as a part of their overall annual examinations, so that they're protected from chronic illnesses and can manage medical conditions. CBC tests also provide a lot of transparency at the blood level, which is helpful when managing long-term conditions.

Benefits of booking CBC test online

One of the best ways to get the right CBC test price is to book it through online platforms. This ensures that you're getting the price available, and you're going for a trusted brand within the healthcare trusted space.

MyDiagnostics offers a wide range of testing solutions for you and your family, which is why you should order from our platform for CBC testing. You can get your sample drawn from the comfort of your home, making it a convenient and private testing solution.

More options available

When you need the best CBC test price, you can get more options when you check online. This is the best way to review multiple pricing, quality checking, and standards & policies. You can get complete coverage at a cost-optimized rate.

Better pricing capabilities

You can get a better CBC test price online when you check for the right options available. You don't need to rely on physical laboratories near you to get tested in a delayed manner. With online booking, you can be assured of faster reporting.

Booking multiple tests

You can schedule multiple tests when you book online, which is why it is a more cost-optimized way of testing. You can get multiple tests done for yourself and your loved ones, when you book through online.

Convenience of booking

It is more convenient to book a test when you go online, as you don't need to call someone or visit a clinic. You can also get the best CBC test price in the most convenient way when you go online.

Easy email reporting

Your test report is generated online, making it far more convenient than visiting a clinic for your reports. You can get the best CBC test cost in your area, while having the benefit of private email reporting.

How do I buy a CBC test online?

The best way to get the right CBC test package is to book through MyDiagnostics. With at-home sample collection and direct email reporting, you can benefit from convenience, privacy, and safety.

You don't need to visit a centre or have to wait for days for a technician. You can book a home test at your residence, and get your sample drawn from a qualified professional. Your sample is also tested in a NABL certified laboratory, ensuring complete quality analysis.

FAQs about CBC tests 

Should I just go for the cheapest CBC test available?

It is important to understand what are the options available when it comes to a complete blood count test. You can't rely on the cheapest options available as they may not adhere to the necessary standards and protocols.

You should opt for a trusted brand or an online marketplace option that runs its tests in an NABL certified laboratory with complete checks & balances. You can rely on the results generated, and take the right action.

How do I know if I can get a CBC test at my home?

The best way to check if a CBC test can be performed at home is to contact the CBC test provider. In the case of MyDiagnostics, you can benefit from a wide coverage network for our tests. You can connect with us directly and place an order from our website.

When will I get my results?

The test results can get generated within 24-48 hours, giving you the right information on your core blood counts.

Are there special instructions I should follow?

There are no special preparations or instructions necessary for the test to be performed.

* Medical Disclaimer - The following information is for educational purposes only. No information provided on this website, including text, graphic, and images, are intended as substitutes for professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor about specific medical advice pertaining to your condition(s). 

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