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  • How to Treat Yellow Watery Diarrhea in Babies

    There are several causes of diarrhea that may be present, which is why testing is important. Formula fed babies may experience diarrhoea after transitioning from breast milk. If there is an underlying infection present, then that can cause diarrhoea in many ... View Post
  • The Best Ways on How to Relieve Constipation in Babies Quickly

    Babies have more specific nuances when it comes to constipation relief. You can try different fruit juices, warm water, massages, and different cereal, to help in improving your baby's bowel movement. Babies may also experience constipation when going from b... View Post
  • When are the Viral Fever Symptoms in Kids considered Dangerous?

    There are many instances wherein a viral fever may escalate towards dangerous territory, which is why it is important to know the symptoms that should be monitored. Your child's health condition may also become affected based on the type of bacteria present.... View Post
  • 5 correct ways on how to relieve constipation in babies quickly

    There are several strategies you can use to relieve your baby's issue of constipation. Your child's constipation can be treated with massage, exercise, dietary changes, and a bit of hydration. Additionally, when trying to know how to relieve constipation in ... View Post
  • What is Autism? What is genetic testing for Autism?

    The autism spectrum disorder or ASD is a developmental disability that is characterised by certain social and behavioural patterns. ASD can begin as early as age 3 and can be lifelong for several children. It's important to get testing done for your child if... View Post
  • The Causes and Consequences of Malnutrition in Children

    MALNUTRITION IN CHILDREN Malnutrition  basically  means  ‘bad  nutrition’  and  is  a  condition  in  which  there  is  a  disparity  between  the  amount  of  food  and  other nutrients that the body needs for proper growth and health and th... View Post
  • How to deal with Food Allergies in Babies?

    Babies can experience food allergies at a younger age, especially if they haven't developed the right digestive enzymes for a range of foods. They can also have an immune response to normal foods that shouldn't generally cause one. That is why it is importan... View Post