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  • What are the major low testosterone symptoms I should look out for?

    When it comes to low testosterone symptoms, there are several identifying ones that can be alarming. You should watch out for them so that you're not at risk of symptom escalation and hormonal failure. A decline of the hormone level in the body can lead to secondary complications as well. The eff... View Post
  • What are the signs of men aging? How do you detect premature aging?

    There are several signs of premature aging that you should be mindful of. These signs can be detected in the short term and treated to ensure that you're not at risk of developing chronic issues. When looking at what are the signs of men aging, it is important to immediately get a blood test done... View Post
  • What are the benefits of a regular male hormone test?

    A male hormone test can provide comprehensive insights on your core hormonal levels, allowing you to diagnose underlying conditions and map your symptoms profile. You should get timely male hormonal tests done when you are older than 35 years or have a medical history of a hormonal imbalance. It ... View Post
  • How to control hair fall for men

    Hair fall is a complex area within healthcare as it is a symptom of several contributing parameters. While it is considered normal to lose around 50 to 100 strands a day, anything more than that requires testing and treatment. It is also important to treat hair loss as soon as possible so that yo... View Post