Constipation - Remedies, Treatment, & Causes

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The lack of normal bowel movements with optimal waste removal can be referred to as constipation. You can experience constipation for a variety of reasons, including medical condition, lack of fibre, medicine, etc.

The constipation meaning can be different for a child and a senior citizen, as bowel movements can vary. However, in general, the difficulty to pass stool along with pain and other symptoms can mean constipation.

Your stool may also be dry and hard, as a sign of constipation. You may want to opt for constipation remedies to help gain relief, as well as check constipation symptoms to understand whether you have it.

Lesser than 3 times a week can be referred to as constipation, which is when you should seek the right ways on how to get rid of constipation.

Main causes of constipation

There are several major causes of constipation, which is why it is important to check for specific constipation remedies. You can also understand what causes constipation and get the right treatment based on your specific case.

Lack of dietary fibre

Low dietary fibre may be one of the main reasons behind constipation in many people. You can add more fibre into your system through diet, supplementation, and medication.

Medical condition

A medical condition such as irritable bowel syndrome or digestive tract issues, can create constipation in some people. You can have regular bowel movements when you make the right changes and introduce the right medication.

Lifestyle related

If you have a habit of smoking, excessive drinking, low quality sleep, etc. then your bowel movements will be affected. You should opt for alternatives and more productive lifestyle decisions, that can help your body naturally improve its bowels.


Some medication may affect the bowel movements, which is why it is important to consult with your doctor about drug alternatives. You can also add supplements along with your medication to have a better bowel movement.

Treatment for constipation

You can treat constipation through a range of strategies, making it easier to deal with your bowel movements through natural and medical means. These strategies can also be viable if you have short-term constipation as well.

Get tested

The best strategy is to get tested when you start to notice that you have constipation. There may be several underlying reasons for constipation, which is why getting tested will help you in determining whether medication will be needed.

Improve diet and lifestyle

A fibre rich and nutrient dense diet can improve your bowel movements significantly. You can start with fibre supplements and add dietary fibre through fruits, vegetables, etc.

Add laxatives and other medication

Laxatives can be one of the best solutions to relieving constipation, giving you better relief than other solutions. You can also consume laxatives in multiple forms making it easier to pass stool for all ages.

Focus on stress management

Stress management strategies can provide mental relief, which can help you in gaining a normal bowel movement over time.

Medication for constipation

There are several medications for constipation that you can take to improve your bowel movements. You can also make the right lifestyle changes to prevent symptoms of constipation arising.


Laxatives can be one of the best medication for constipation relief as they can provide instant relief for the digestive system. You can also treat chronic constipation through stimulant laxatives, but you should also focus on how to prevent constipation long-term.

Fibre supplement

You can take bran and psyllium as fibre supplements to improve your bowel movements. These bulking agents can be helpful in promoting a more normal bowel movement so that you can prevent the signs of constipation.

Stool softeners

Stool softeners such as emollient laxatives docusate/mineral oil, can be helpful in passing stool normally. They can reduce the symptoms of constipation such as pain and bloating, while giving your body much needed relief via its soften stool properties.


What is the meaning of constipation?

The constipation meaning can be different for different people depending on their medical history and condition. Essentially, constipation refers to the condition wherein stools become difficult to pass, causing issues within the bowels. Risk factors can include chronic constipation, rectal prolapse, chronic pain, etc.

What is the best treatment for constipation?

There are several constipation treatment options and solutions, including constipation remedies that can be given at home. The best way on how to get rid of constipation is to opt for stool softeners, a fiber supplement, or over the counter medicines.

What is the remedy for constipation?

When it comes to the best ways on how to cure constipation, you can opt for fiber supplements, constipation OTC medication, home remedies, etc. You can increase your natural fibres through different fruits & vegetables.

You can also check for how to relieve constipation through laxatives. If you have another medical condition or are on medication, then you should check with your doctor about constipation relief through laxatives.

Is constipation a symptom of early pregnancy?

Constipation isn't a direct symptom of early pregnancy, but can be one of the first few indicators of changes in the body. There may be an increased load on the body, through the changes in the hormones, which can lead to constipation in some cases.

You can check for the best foods for constipation if you are experiencing it during the first few weeks of pregnancy. You can also check for the reasons for constipation that may be unique to you or your pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of severe constipation?

When it comes to constipation definition and constipation symptoms, you should be aware of the signs of severe constipation. These may be indicative or a need for immediate constipation relief at home or through the use of laxatives.

The signs of severe constipation may include abdominal pain, swelling, burning sensation, issues with bowel movement, etc. You should check for the best constipation remedies and constipation treatment strategies for you.

What is the best natural food for constipation?

The best foods for constipation will be apples or other fibrous fruits. You should check with your doctors about the best foods for constipation so that they can check your medical history.

What is the reason for constipation in babies?

There can be an illness, lack of fibre, issues with digestion, gas, and other factors that can lead to constipation in babies. 

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