When do I Need a Thyroid Test? What's the Best Thyroid Test Price?

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There are several instances in which you'll need a complete thyroid examination. You should aim to get the best thyroid test price available, giving you maximum convenience and ease of report collection. Your T3 T4 TSH and antibodies levels should be included in the test so that you can get a complete analysis of the thyroid gland.

In some cases, you'll experience the symptoms early on because of which you should get tested immediately. The thyroid profile test is also critical when you are managing a thyroid condition long-term. A thyroid function test should help you keep a track of thyroid hormones every few months or so.

Here's when you should get a thyroid test done

You should immediately get a test done in the following cases.

Experiencing the symptoms

You should get tested when you are experiencing issues with sleep, muscle pain, focus, tiredness, etc. These are important symptoms that may be connected to thyroid issues.

Part of a complete check-up

You should get your T3, T4, and thyroid stimulating hormone TSH tested regularly as a part of a complete health check-up. This ensures that you are protected from any potential risks of hyper or hypothyroidism.

Poor lifestyle/diet

If you are prone to late nights, excessive smoking/drinking, or above average consumption of bad foods, then you should get a complete thyroid test done.

Family history

If you have a family history of thyroid conditions then a thyroid profile test is a must for you. Your T3 and T4 levels should be tracked every 4-5 months.

Managing a thyroid condition

If you are managing hyper or hypothyroidism, then a regular test is important. You can get important insights about the effectiveness of treatment and whether lifestyle changes have helped.

Damage to the thyroid

If for any reason the thyroid gland is damaged, then getting regularly tested for your T3 T4 and TSH is key. You need the right insights on your thyroid gland regularly.

After the age of 40 years

You should regularly get tested for your hormone health after the age of 40 years, particularly your thyroid levels even if you aren't currently experiencing the symptoms.


Women with PCOS may have higher thyroid antibody levels (specifically TPO), making a regular thyroid test important. You should get regularly tested if you have PCOS or PCOD and are on medication. 

Are you experiencing these symptoms? Get a test today

In the event that you are experiencing these critical symptoms, you should get a test done immediately.

Constant weakness

If you are constantly experiencing weakness and trouble with energy then getting a thyroid test can help. You can start with medication and treatment to help your levels come back to normal.

Tingling sensation

A tingling sensation in the extremities may be an indication of a hormone regulation issue. You should get a thyroid test done.

Issues with sleep

If you are unable to experience deep REM sleep regularly, then getting a thyroid test can help you out.

Muscle weakness

You may be experiencing higher muscle pain or severe weakness when you have a thyroid regulation issue. Your performance at the gym may also be affected significantly.

Sudden changes in weight

If you have suddenly lost or gained a significant amount of weight, then you should get your thyroid levels checked as an important precaution.

Joint pain

Any form of joint pain that is exceeding normal levels, should be monitored. Your thyroid levels may be too low.

Mood regulation issues

If you are finding it difficult to have a control over your mood, then there may be a thyroid regulation issue present. You can correct this with medication, lifestyle changes, diet, etc. 

What should be included in a complete thyroid test?

When getting a thyroid test done, it is important to keep these factors in mind. You should ensure that your tests include the following parameters.

T3 (Free & Total)

Abnormally higher or lower T3 levels can indicate the presence of hyper or hypothyroidism. You should get further testing done if your levels are out of range.

T4 (Free & Total)

Thyroxine levels in the blood indicate the presence of a thyroid condition as well, and the conversion of T4 to T3 can be studied as well.


If your T3 &T4 levels are too low your pituitary gland will release more TSH levels. By studying your TSH levels doctors can determine your risk factor of developing a thyroid condition.


If you are managing a thyroid condition then testing for the antibodies will be important.

What's the best thyroid test price in India?

For maximum convenience and cost optimization you can buy the thyroid profile test from MyDiagnostics. The thyroid test price is INR 700 for 5 parameters and INR 1200 for 7 parameters.

What is included in the thyroid test?

The 7 parameter complete thyroid profile total test includes T3, T4, TSH, and antibody testing.

When do I get the report for my thyroid test?

You'll get your thyroid test report within 24 hours in most cases. 

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