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Aiwo NCT

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About the Product:

Aiwo NCT contains Purified turmeric extract equivalent to Curcuma longa -NLT (not less than) 95% 1 grams, Niacin equivalent to Nicotinic acid 1 gram and Betaine 100mg. Betaine acts as anti-inflammatory, detoxification, facilitates methylation processes and supports healthy Homocysteine levels and increases HDL level. Niacin converts carbohydrates into glucose, metabolizing fats and proteins, and keeping the nervous system working properly. Turmeric acts as immunomodulation, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and maintains immune function naturally.It is highly recommended for building immunity and fighting infection.

About the Quality:

  • Patented Formulation
  • Enhanced Bioavailability
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Better Absorption
  • Transparent Information
  • Immunity Booster


Each spoon contains: Purified turmeric extract equivalent to curcuma longa - not less than 95% 1 gram,Niacin equivalent to nicotinic acid 1 gram and Betaine 100mg

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                        Benefits of Aiwo NCT

                        Immune Health
                        Aiwo NCT is a potent antioxidant which neutralizes the effect of free radicals and strengthens your immune system and helps evade pathogens.

                        Lung Health.
                        Aiwo NCT strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms. Taking into account the lung protective and immune strengthening roles of niacin, it could be used as an adjunct treatment for COVID-19 patients. It prevents lung tissue damage and reduces viral replication.

                        Heart Health
                        Aiwo NCT is known to facilitate methylation processes, boost HDL level and support healthy Homocysteine levels which is important for the health of the cardiovascular system.

                        Skin health
                        Aiwo NCT have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that can decrease UV damage and clear up skin issues.

                        Liver Health
                        Aiwo NCT is clinically proven with liver detoxification and helps in lowering blood sugar.The anti-inflammatory properties which prevent oxidative stress and prevent diabetes-related disease.

                        Brain Health
                        Aiwo NCT promotes a positive mood, improves mental health, reduces symptoms of seasonal depression and improves memory.

                        Bone Health
                        Aiwo NCT treats arthritis pain and helps to improve joint mobility and function.

                        Eye Health
                        Aiwo NCT improves inner retinal function in glaucoma condition and prevents the degeneration of cellular organelles and increases the capillary basement membrane thickness in the retina.

                        Safety Information:

                        • Store in a cool, dry place.
                        • If pregnant, nursing or under medication consult your physician before using this product.
                        • The Nutraceutical doesnot have the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease.
                        • Do not exceed the recommended daily usage.
                        • Nutraceutical Not for Medicinal Use.
                        • In case of accidental overdose contact a physician.
                        • Do not take if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

                        Drug Warning:

                        Drug interactions:

                        Aiwo NCT interacts with people who are on blood thinning medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, methionine, antibiotic, People who are on the hypotensive drug, reserpine.
                        You should consult your doctor about all the possible interactions of any drug.

                        Food Interactions:

                        You should avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol while treatment with Aiwo NCT. Consult the Dietician before use,if on prescribed medication.

                        Disease interactions:

                        Should be used with caution in patients with disease conditions such as Gall bladder stone, Kidney stone, gastroesophageal reflux disease,
                        In case of any medical conditions, under medication or medical procedure, You should consult your doctor about all the possible interactions of any disease.

                        Safety Advice:


                        Aiwo NCT is not recommended for use in children since the safety and efficacy data is not available.

                        Pregnancy and Breast Feeding:

                        During pregnancy, this product should not be used.Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.

                        During breastfeeding, this product should not be used. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.


                        Aiwo NCT does not cause any effect on the ability to drive or to use machines.

                        Liver and Kidney

                        Aiwo NCT to be taken with caution, especially if you have a history of liver diseases/conditions. The dose may have to be adjusted by your doctor.

                        Aiwo NCT to be taken with caution, especially if you have a history of Kidney diseases/conditions. The dose may have to be adjusted by your doctor.


                        It is advisable not to consume alcohol along with Aiwo NCT because it increase the risk of liver damage and worsen side effects, such as flushing and itching


                        1. Who should take it?

                        Generally men and women who wants to build immunity and fight against skin, liver, bone, joints, brain, heart, respiratory related infections.

                        2. Does it come with any side effects?

                        No Major side effects, minor side effects like GI disturbances, oxalates or stone formations, bruising.This holds for all forms of Curcuma Longa, Niacin, and Betaine.

                        3. How much should I ideally take?

                        The Recommended daily usage of Curcuma Longa - dosages up to 12 g were safe.
                        Niacin- 14 to 18mg
                        Children: between 2-16 milligrams daily, depending on age
                        Men: 16 milligrams daily
                        Women: 14 milligrams daily
                        Women (pregnant): 18 milligrams daily
                        Women (breastfeeding): 17 milligrams daily
                        Maximum daily intake for adults of all ages: 35 milligrams daily
                        Betaine- As per RDA 600-650mg and as per research Daily recommended dosage ranges from 9-15 grams in divided doses.

                        4. Are there any interactions with prescription medication?

                        Yes, It interacts with warfarin, aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, indomethacin, ibuprofen, folic acid, methionine, antibiotics hypotensive drug, like reserpine.
                        Tell each of your health care providers about all medicines you use now and any medicine you start or stop using.

                        5. What is the recommended duration?

                        Take one spoon daily on empty stomach with 50ml curd or yogurt or cold beverages or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Avoid solid or liquid food one hour before and after consuming Aiwo NCT.

                        6. What to do if i forget to take my regular dose?

                        If you forget to take Aiwo NCT do not take a double dose to make up for your forgotten dose. Try to take the next dose at the usual time. Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the doctor in case of an overdose.

                        7. What is the specialty of Aiwo NCT?

                        Aiwo NCT helps in the speedy restoration of taste, smell, prevents lung tissue damage and reduces viral replication in infected COVID-19, and helps in the increasing level of HDL in the body.