A comprehensive range of thyroid profiles enables you with the vital information about the Thyroid function and the impact on health 

Thyroid function, Thyroid Antibodies

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Thyroid is a metabolic disorder which affects upto 5% of the population. Thyroid is the butterfly shaped gland and its job is to produce hormones that govern metabolism. The common conditions affecting Thyroid are - 

  • Pituitary gland fails to release enough TSH, which in turn causes low release of Thyroxine (T4)
  • Pituitary Glands releases sufficient TSH, Underactive thyroid glands (Hypothyroidism) doesn't produces enough thyroid hormones (T4) 
  • Pituitary Glands releases sufficient TSH, Overactive thyroid glands (Hyperthyroidism) produces excess thyroid hormones (T4)  
  • Poor T4 to T3 conversion - T4 is required to be converted into T3. The body uses T3 to convert oxygen and calories to energy)

A common cause of Underactive/Overactive thyroid condition is Autoimmune - The immune system mistakes body's own cells as "foreign' and begins to attack thyroid glands. In Hashimoto's, the immune system attacks the cells of the thyroid glands causing lower release of T4 (Hypothyroidism). In Grave's disease, the immune system creates antibodies causing excess release of T4 (Hyperthyroidism)

Our thyroid profile tests are comprehensive and includes tests to dig deeper and find out the cause of your symptoms.

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PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a condition associated with Hormone imbalance (excess male hormones androgens), Insulin resistance and Infertility. Its a common hormone disorder affecting women and one of the common causes of infertility.

Our PCOS profile is designed to provide you with the quality insights into the causes and can also be used to monitor the levels during the treatment.

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