How do I Get the Best Quadruple Marker Test Price? What's Included?

 You can get the right quadruple marker test cost by opting to book the blood test through online marketplaces. With online booking of the quadruple test you can get the best market price and at-home testing convenience for the blood test.

You can also trust online booking of tests as the sample is quality tested and analysed in an NABL certified laboratory, making it one of the most scientific and reliable solutions in India. The test report will also contain information about open neural tube defects, Down syndrome, Trisomy, and other conditions.

These tests are included in the quadruple marker test

The 4 major screening markers are included in the quadruple marker test. These are as follows.

AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)

AFP is a key marker that can help detect neural tube defects and Down syndrome, among other vital defects.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

HCG is a critical hormone produced during pregnancy, which can be measured during the second trimester for checking for defects.

Estriol (a form of estrogen)

Estriol levels continue to raise until childbirth, and can be measured to detect birth defects.


Inhibin can be checked for understanding whether there is a risk factor present for Down syndrome. 

When should I get the quad screening test?

The quadruple marker screen test can be performed during the 15 and 22 weeks period. It's important to get the test done during this period to check for genetic disorders and birth defect related issues.



Why do I need the quadruple marker test?

There are several reasons why you would require a quadruple marker test. It is an excellent screening method to identify critical issues that may arise during the gestational period.

Gauging whether at risk

You can determine whether any risk factor is present for a range of chromosomal defects. The prenatal test is vital if you have a high risk factor present during the gestational period.

Important if family history

If there is a family history of Trisomy, Down syndrome, abdominal wall defects, and other factors, then getting a test done is key.

Prenatal medication

It is important to get the test done if you are on prenatal medication that may introduce a certain degree of risk.

Pre-existing condition

If you have a pre-existing condition then getting a quadruple marker test is even more so important. You can get your risk factors completely checked especially if you have a diabetic status.



Here's how the test is performed

Here's how the test will be performed for you, by a qualified lab technician.

Sample collection

A blood sample is collected by a qualified technician who will visit your home and collect it in a vial.

Quality checks

The sample is quality tested to check for any potential contamination or error during collection. The sample is recollected if there is an issue.

Marker analysis

The 4 key markers are analysed after the test has been performed, to check for the underlying risk factors for the conditions.


The report is generated within 24-48 hours, giving you complete information about the potential risk factors. 

What is the quadruple marker test price in India?

The quadruple marker test price is INR 3000 for the comprehensive tests.

When will I get the quadruple marker test report?

You can get the report generated in 24-48 hours.

How do I book it online?

You can add the test to the cart and complete the payment process online itself. A qualified lab technician will visit your home to perform the test directly.