What is a Quad Marker test? What are the Quadruple test Normal Values?

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A quadruple marker blood test is a second trimester test that checks for potential birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities. The blood sample is tested for 4 key parameters within the quad screen test, giving doctors complete risk information about whether a birth defect or an anomaly exists.

A quad marker screen or quadruple marker screening test requires further testing if there is an out of range parameter detected. The simple blood test can not diagnose specific conditions with absolute certainty but can provide an initial marker analysis. Certain birth defects may also require additional testing.

In terms of prenatal tests, the quad marker test is one of the most comprehensive ones. The abnormal quadruple marker test result can be further analysed to create the next best steps in preparation and testing. That's why the quad marker screening is one of the most important ones during the gestational period.

When should a quadruple marker test be performed?

The quad marker test should be performed during the 15-22 week gestation period. You can get accurate reporting done during this period. The test report can also provide risk analysis for neural tube defects, abdominal wall defects, Down syndrome, and other conditions.

Here are the approximate quadruple test normal values

There are approximate values for quadruple marker test normal values. You can reference these values when checking your marker results. It's important to note that these values may also be dependent on a range of factors, which is why your complete medical history is important to analyse at the same time.

Around 15 weeks


32 ng/mL


32200 mIU/mL


0.55 ng/mL

Inhibin A

222.90 pg/mL 

Around 20 weeks


72 ng/mL


10400 mIU/mL


1.76 ng/mL

Inhibin A

253 pg/mL

These are the quad marker test parameters

The quadruple marker test will consist of the following 4 parameters, which are important to check for during the second trimester. The test results will provide more insight to you with regards to what conditions you need to prepare for.

These parameter levels will change throughout the pregnancy, which is why it is important to get your entire medical history checked prior to testing. Your medication, family history, and risk factors for chromosomal abnormalities will be analysed along with the test results.

Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)

AFP is a critical test that is used to identify any potential foetal distress or foetal abnormalities, that may be present. It is an important marker within the 4 marker test during the second trimester.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)

The HCG hormone is generally produced by the trophoblast tissue, which is present in early embryos and placentae. Doctors can analyse the levels of HCG in the body to check for potential abnormalities.


Estriol is a key hormone to keep your uterus healthy and preparing the body for the process of childbirth. Any changes in the level of Estriol in the body should be tracked closely.

Inhibin A

Inhibin A is responsible for the implantation and differentiation of embryos in the woman. This is an important marker level to check as any changes in Inhibin A can be indicative of potential abnormalities.

Based on the analysis of the report, further tests may be required to check for specific conditions such as Down syndrome. You can get the quad test done, along with an ultrasound, CT scan, and NIPT tests, so that you can get a complete analysis of any potential abnormalities.

The quad marker test is also valuable in determining whether your pregnancy is at risk for potential birth defects. You can get early details about the potential defect so that you can start preparing for the baby in a timely manner. 

Where can I book a quad marker test in India?

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When will I get the report for the quad marker test?

You can get the quad marker test result within 24-48 hours of testing. 

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