What is double marker test? How do I check double marker test price?

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Pregnant women are recommended to get the double marker test within 9 - 14 weeks of pregnancy, to check the risk for genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. It is a screening examination for these conditions, and allows parents to be aware of their risk factor.

That is why doctors highlight the importance of double marker test, so that you are aware of any potential risks present during pregnancy. You can also get the best double marker test price when you opt for online test booking through our platform.

Purpose of the double marker test

The main reason why doctors recommend getting a double marker test done in a timely manner is to determine the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus. Through the test, your baby's risk of developing a genetic or chromosomal condition can be determined.

It is a vital test for all expecting mothers to know their inherent risk. If you are at a higher risk during your pregnancy, such as being over the age of 35 years or having a family history of genetic abnormalities, then you should get the test done quickly.

What does the double marker test measure?

The dual marker test is a critical test to determine the presence of chromosomal abnormalities. The test measures two distinct levels in the blood.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

The human chorionic gonadotropin is a key hormone that is produced within the cells of the placenta during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A)

PAPP-A is another key hormone produced within the placenta, with normal levels being around greater than or equal to 0.5 MOM.

How the double marker test is performed

It is vital to understand how the double marker test is performed, so that you are aware prior to testing. A blood sample is collected in a 10 ml streak tube, which is then sent to the laboratory for checking of the pertinent levels.

Through this doctors can know what is the level of free beta hCG and PAPP a pregnancy associated levels in pregnancy. Your risk factor of the foetus having a chromosomal abnormality is determined, and your doctors can recommend next steps.

Here's how to get the best double marker test price in India

You can get the best price for the double marker test in India through MyDiagnostics. Through MyDiagnostics, you can check for the specific testing parameters, prerequisites, and other information for complete transparency.

You can also get a complete detailed report after the testing has concluded. This will provide more information on your risk of chromosomal abnormalities present. You can also get further testing performed after the double marker test.

How do I order the double marker test in India?

You can place an order on our platform and have the test sample collected at your home. You can get the best double marker test cost in India through MyDiagnostics.

Are there special requirements for the double marker test?

Your prescriptions are required for the testing, along with basic information.

When will I get the double marker test report?

You will receive your double marker test results within 24-48 hours, making this a highly convenient testing experience.

Will I need further testing after the double marker test?

Yes, the double marker test is only a screening examination. You will need further testing to determine what condition the foetus may have.

Are there any risks to getting a double marker test?

No there are no known risks of getting a double marker test as it is a general blood test.

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