Why get a triple marker test? What is the triple marker test price?

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The triple marker test is a blood test to determine potential genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus. This test is done as a screening examination to rule out the potential risk of the baby having down syndrome and other developmental conditions.

The parameters tested within the triple marker test are alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and unconjugated estriol (uE3). These can help determine the risk of chromosomal abnormalities within the foetus during the 15 to 18 gestation week period.

Why should we get a triple marker test done?

It is important to get the triple marker test as a precautionary measure. You need to ensure that your foetus isn't at risk of getting a genetic disorder or a birth defect during the gestational period.

You can also get the right diagnosis done early in the event that your report shows a higher risk factor. You can get further testing done to learn more about the condition, and what strategies you can opt for as well.

The triple marker test is advisable in the following cases

You should get a triple marker test in the following cases during pregnancy. Doctors may advise specific screening examinations, one of which is triple marker test as it is a key analysis of the risk of developmental conditions.

Prior history

In the event that you have a family history of genetic or chromosomal conditions, your risk factor goes up. You should get tested as a precautionary measure.

Older age pregnancy

If you are pregnant at an age that is older than 35 years, then you should get a triple marker test done as a screening measure.

On medication

If you are on medication for a chronic condition, such that there could be potential side-effects then getting tested is key.


Your risk factor goes up if you have diabetes and are pregnant while taking insulin. You should get a test done during the correct gestational period.

Prenatal infection

If you have experienced a prenatal viral infection, then getting a triple marker test is a necessary precautionary measure.

Does the triple marker test also provide a diagnosis of a condition?

No, the triple marker test only provides information on the risk of a developmental condition. You need further testing to diagnose specific conditions.

Where do I buy the triple marker test in India?

You can buy the triple marker test in India easily with MyDiagnostics. You can place an order on our platform and get home sample collection. The test results are also emailed directly within 24-48 hours in most cases.

Are there any special instructions to follow for the triple marker test?

There are no special instructions that you need to follow for the triple marker test.

What is the triple marker test price?

The triple marker test price is INR 2800 when you buy a test from MyDiagnostics. You can get the best triple marker test cost when you opt to purchase your test from MyDiagnostics.

How do I order the triple marker test?

You can focus on the following steps -

1) You can add the test to the cart when you click on the appropriate test.

2) You can complete the checkout process on the website.

3) You can enter your payment details and address for the sample to be collected.

4) The technician will come to your residence to collect the sample.

5) You can get your report generated via email and you can share that ahead with your doctor.

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