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Men's Wellness Test Packages

MyDiagnostics Ultra Man - ED, Male Sexual Hormone & Ageing Blood Test
MyDiagnostics Ultra Man - ED, Male Sexual Hormone & Ageing Blood Test

Ultra Man - Strength, Vitality, ED, Male Hormone Test & Ageing Blood Test

Rs. 5,999
MyDiagnostics HIV & STD Testing at Home
MyDiagnostics HIV & STD Testing at Home

HIV Test & STD Testing - At Home Blood Test Diagnosis at Best Price

Rs. 3,500
DHT Male Hair Loss Check Comprehensive - MyDiagnostics
DHT Male Hair Loss Check Comprehensive - MyDiagnostics

At-Home DHT Test - For Hair Fall in Men

Rs. 5,500
MyDiagnostics Male Vitality - Energy, Sex Hormone & Ageing Blood Test
MyDiagnostics Male Vitality - Energy, Sex Hormone & Ageing Blood Test

Male Vitality - Energy, Male Sex Hormone & Ageing Blood Test

Rs. 1,999

Why Men's Health is Essential

A complete men's health checkup is vital to avoid the escalation of underlying medical issues. It is also a key tool to use when you are experiencing symptoms that are outside of normal ranges. Low energy, lack of concentration, poor vitality, weak joints, and lack of quality sleep, can be diagnosed with the right men's wellness package.

As men age, there is a stronger need for closer tracking of key hormonal levels. Added to that, it is important to have a closer look at our vitamin, mineral, organ, protein, and metabolic health, so that we're healthy and happy during our golden years. Men can also extend their lifespan with the right approach to health testing and body optimization.

Opting for a complete male hormone test can also help in determining risk-based areas. If you have low testosterone, high DHT, high oestradiol, etc. then these will have an impact on your health and wellbeing. You can start experiencing the symptoms early on, which can worsen over time.

With several types of screenings available, you should opt for a complete men's wellness program that includes a male hormone imbalance test. We often only get our blood work done for cardiovascular markers, whereas we should also be conducting tests for our hormone health.

A complete hormone test male package can also be essential for understanding longevity. Your quality of life revolves around your body's ability to balance hormones and function optimally. With the right male hormone test packages, you can uncover imbalances that may impact your quality of life long-term.

Benefits of a men's health check-up

There are many benefits of opting for a complete men's health check-up. You gain greater control over your health metrics, as well as discover any core health issues that may be present. You can also benefit from greater transparency within your health and wellbeing.

A men's health check-up is also vital to ensure that you don't ignore any underlying health conditions. Often we tend to ignore key symptoms such as tiredness, mood swings, sexual health issues, etc. With the right men's health check up, we can be ahead of any health trends that we need to focus on.

Another important benefit of getting a men's health check-up is to take preventative action. If you focus on your deficiencies and imbalances, you can improve your wellbeing and mental health. Additionally, the effects of stress and anxiety can be controlled if you are already prone to them.

You can also check your risk for infertility and ED through a hormone test for male infertility under comprehensive men's packages. An at home male hormone test, within a complete male body check up kit, can help in determining the core reasons behind sexual health issues.

Through the right types of screening packages, you can also determine your core deficiencies. You can change your dietary practices and improve lifestyle choices for better outcomes. The most important step is to improve your diet, which combats effects of stress, improves endurance and healthy brain functions, and also helps to maintain vitality.

It also helps to sustain a healthy appetite and sleep function, maintain healthy blood sugar, and healthy brain and blood vessels. It helps to also maintain optimum vigor and vitality throughout the day, especially as you refine your diet to include a large mix of fruits and vegetables.

The importance of preventive screenings for men

When you are experiencing symptoms such as low energy, poor metabolism, low vitality, and irritability, you need the right hormone test. Preventative screenings also allow you to gain more clarity into your health metrics. You can uncover trends easily with the right tests.

A male hormone test can be a great way of knowing whether your hormones are impacting your outlook towards life as well. You can figure out the core reasons behind men's health issues, mental health, physical wellbeing, etc. with the right test.

If you find that you are unable to maintain energy and endurance during the performance of a workout then you should get preventative screenings as well.

Diagnosis & Treatment

A range of men's health tests are available for men in India through MyDiagnostics.

Ultra Man Vitality

The Ultra Man Vitality test is a comprehensive premium men's wellness and health test. The package offers testing across 75 major parameters that test for metabolic, sexual, and hormonal health.

Along with that, the package includes testing for inflammation, strength, thyroid, mineral & vitamin balance, etc. Through the comprehensive testing package, you can find anomalies and fix imbalances with the right medication.

HIV Test & STD Testing

The STD and HIV test is a complete blood test that checks for potential STDs and HIV. You can stay protected from the virus, as well as STDs that are generally present in India. You can get a complete test done to gain clarity on whether you may be positive for any sexually transmitted disease.

With the HIV and STD test, you can check for chlamydia, HIV, herpes, syphilis, and other dangerous diseases and receive your report privately. You can get the at home STD test through our platform and stay informed about your status.

DHT Test

The DHT test is a complete hair loss prevention and detection examination. You can uncover the root cause of your hair loss issue, with the DHT test. It is essential to get the test done if you are also experiencing rapid hair loss problems in a short period of time.

The Hair loss package checks for 31 parameters that are connected with hair health. These include thyroid, hormones, vitamin, mineral, autoimmune, and DHT markers. This provides clarity in terms of the core reasons for hair loss.

Male Vitality Test

The Male Vitality Test is designed to focus on the specific reasons for low vitality and energy. You can check your core energy, vitality, iron, mineral, and other markers to understand why you may be feeling low energy-wise.

If you are also experiencing lack of focus and drive at work, then this test is right for you. Through testing of 33 core parameters, you can get the right insights on why you are feeling lower in your energy levels.