If you are aiming to improve your athletic performance or fitness levels, baselining and improving key biomarkers that helps you improve strength, power, endurance & recovery is crucial. For athletes, optimal ranges (not same as clinical ranges) are derived and the key profiles are -

  • Nutritional - Vitamins, Minerals, Iron and Ferritin
  • Energy & Metabolism  
  • Strength & Power related Hormones
  • Overtraining & Recovery markers
  • Organ Health 

Top athletes take inside-out approach to optimise their biomarkers using personalised recommendations on nutrition & supplementations. Sometimes no matter how hard you train you will always be behind your objectives. Thats because of poor nutrient levels, imbalance in hormones, dehydration, overtraining etc. You should run this test if you are looking for -

  • Weight loss & Fitness levels
  • Sports Specific Performance 
  • Endurance activities such as Marathons, Triathlon, High-Altitude or long Trekking, Mountain Climbing  etc