What are Allergies ?

Also known as autoimmune diseases, autoimmune disorders are conditions wherein the body’s immune system cells, attack other healthy cells by accident. In contrast to allergies and anaphylaxis which are caused as a result of the immune system reacting adversely to an otherwise harmless external agent, in autoimmunity, the cells attack other cells of the body.

Autoimmune disorders are often considered systemic- even though a group or groups of cells may be attacked, the symptoms are widespread and do not improve with time.

There are over eighty recognized types of autoimmune diseases, and many of them start with generic symptoms such as a low grade fever, fatigue and cramps. In some cases, the condition may flare up and cause more serious symptoms when the individual is stressed, recovering from another illness or faces a trigger potent enough to set off such reactions. 

"Our Gut consists of 80% of our Immune System"

Allergy v/s Autoimmue:

Allergies & Auto-immune are disorders of the Immune system. It (Immune system) either attacks the body itself causing autoimmune disorders, while other times it attacks harmless foreign particles causing allergies

Allergy v/s Intolerance/Sensitivity:

Allergies are caused by the reaction of the immune system, whereas intolerances or sensitivity are caused by the reaction of the digestive system. Symptoms in both cases, sometimes are similar

Causes - What puts people at Risk ?
Post Diagnosis (Treatment)
Post Diagnosis (Natural)
Prevention - How to reduce risk ?


The article is intended to provide you with the best possible overview and is not a medical advice. Please consult your medical practitioner before implementing any of the suggestions


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