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Autism Test (Urine Organic Acids)

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  • Urine Organic Acids (26)


    1. HVA
    2. 4HPA
    3. VMA
    4. Citrate
    5. TG1
    6. pseudouridine
    7. 4HPL
    8. Gly1
    9. 2KG
    10. Phosphate
    11. Indole3AA
    12. Cresol
    13. tryptophan1
    14. hippurate1
    15. Cisaconate
    16. 5HM2F
    17. 5HindoleAA
    18. 4HBA
    19. Indollactic Acid
    20. Arabitol 
    21. Tartatarate
    22. Succinate
    23. Tyr1
    24. Kynurate
    25. Benzonate
    26. 3HP3HP

Test Type -  Urine Sample

Test Mode - At Home

Turn Around Time5-7 days

Fasting required - No


 General Information 

Autism Spectrum Disorder are complex neurodevelopmental disabilities with onset before 36 months and characterized by impairments in reciprocal social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, interests and activities. Individuals with autism vary widely in abilities, intelligence, and behaviours.

ASD is known to be influenced by genetic and environmental factors. A range of gastrointestinal disorders have been linked in the pathophysiology of ASD and studies have found that the condition is associated with abnormal gut flora.
There is also the possibility of previously unrecognized etiologic connections between dysbiosis and childhood developmental problems. Individuals with ASD if exposed to repeated courses of multiple antibiotic therapies may contribute to the complex relationships between gastrointestinal dysbiosis and ASD by altering the composition or stability of their normal microbial flora.

It has been observed that such altered gut microorganisms produce toxic metabolites and they are absorbed in the portal circulation and accumulate in the neural tissue. These metabolites interfere with the neurotransmitter metabolism and these typical metabolites excreted in large amount in urine in children. Moreover, the effect impact of these metabolites manifests in autistic symptoms. Therefore urine metabolic analysis is used for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of babies with autistic symptoms.


Evidence suggests that diet and protein assimilation play important roles in autism. Amino acids are the chemical building blocks of key neurotransmitters that act at specific sites of the brain to influence mood and behaviour. For this reason, the proper balance of these nutrients is essential for healthy emotional and cognitive development in children. The Amino Acid profile provides a comprehensive picture of the amino acid neurotransmitter imbalances.


Autistic children often exhibit chronic digestive problems that may be linked to changes in mood and behaviour. Gut enzyme deficiencies, malabsorption, and yeast overgrowth are common findings in autism. The abnormal gut function gives rise to the elevation of typical metabolites in urine. Such urine profile associated with abnormal GI function provides an assessment of microbial balance (including yeast and bacterial growth), digestive function, and absorption. This test helps to develop individualized treatment strategies to improve function and reduce gastrointestinal symptoms.


The integrity of the intestinal lining plays a critical role in absorbing nutrients and prevent toxins, allergens and other potentially harmful molecules from penetrating into the systemic circulation. Studies have found significantly increased gut floral permeability in autistic children. This serves as a common link between autism and autoimmune dysfunction, food allergies, gastrointestinal imbalances, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, and nutrient deficiencies. This Intestinal Permeability Assessment test measures urinary clearance of non-metabolized sugar molecules assess intestinal integrity and absorptive function.


Children with ASD may have different redox abnormalities which may arise from various sources. The level of antioxidant excreted in urine was found to be significantly lower than normal in autistic children. The urine assessment calculates the urinary oxidative stress marker which is helpful to judge severity and prognosis of ASD patients.


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