• Body Composition Test (Inbody) - MyDiagnostics
  • Body Composition Test (Inbody) - MyDiagnostics
  • Body Composition Test (Inbody) - MyDiagnostics

Body Composition Test (Inbody)

Rs. 1,500.00

Rs. 999.00

(33% Discount)

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    • Total Mass
    • Fat Mass
    • Lean Muscle Mass
    • % Body Fat
    • Visceral Fat Levels
    • Waist-Hip Ratio
    • Basal Metabolic Rate
    • Segmental Fat distribution 
    • Segmental Lean muscles distribution

Test Type - Bio-Impedance Scan 
Test Mode - At Center (Near Phoenix Market City, Mahadevapura Bengaluru)

What's included

  • Scan report
  • Click to see Sample Report
  • Turn Around Time: 1 Day
      • People pursuing body re-composition goals such as i.e. gain muscles, burn fat, achieve optimal weight.  
      • People looking to understand the health risk associated with weight gain. Visceral fat levels are good indicators of conditions such as Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome etc
      • People looking to recover after an injury. Inbody scans provide accurate snapshot of muscular imbalances thus enabling targeted corrections.
      • The Inbody scan uses bio-impedance technology to compute reliable body composition metrics. It will provide you with a detailed analysis of your body composition (fat, lean muscles, water levels)
      • Customise your Nutrition & workout plan, intensity to target the specific improvement areas using the accurate data 
      • Assess your chronic conditions risk. Visceral fat levels (Fat on your organs) along with the blood test provide accurate risk indicators for metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular health.     
      • Please do not wear any metal objects during the scan.
      • People who are pregnant or have a medical implant (e.g. pacemaker) are not eligible for this test. Please consult your doctor.

        Call us at +91 9986576665 for any queries or guidance regarding the test