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INSULIN SENSITIVITY - Insulin, as commonly known is a hormone that helps keep your blood sugar level from getting too high or too low. Glucagon is a peptide hormone that raises the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose Homeostasis is the "balance" of insulin and glucagon so as to maintain blood glucose to anappropriate level. This panel of metabolic markers reveal the 'imbalance' if any, between the two, and indicates the needto improve the amino acids which may help a diabetic's sensitivity to insulin and glucose


  • Insulin Resistance
  • Glucose Homeostasis 
  • Visceral Adiposity 


  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Tyrosine
  • 2-Aminoadipic Acid
  • Alanine


  • Ala
  • Glycoxylate 
  • Fructose 
  • Glycerol 
  • Leu
  • Citrate 
  • 3HIB
  • isoLeu 
  • Phe1 
  • Val 
  • Tyr1 
  • 2Aadipate 
  • Glucose

Metabolic syndrome is a group of five risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing heart disease, Having three or more of these factors will result in a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome and it will increase your risk of health complications. diabetes, and stroke.


  • Metabolic Syndrome Risk


  • Leucine
  • 2-Aminoadipic Acid
  • Valine
  • Glutamine


  • Gln 
  • Glycerol 
  • 3HB 
  • Citrate 
  • Met 
  • G3P

Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when the body cannot use sugar (glucose) as a fuel source because there is no insulin


  • Ketoacidosis Status


  • Pyruvate
  • 2HB
  • 3HB
  • Lactate

A leaky gut is a situation when spaces form between the cells in the small intestinal wall allow large molecules (Eg. food, bacteria, heavy metals, toxins, and allergens) sneak through to blood stream, thereby triggering a response by body’s immune system. Type 2 Diabetes is commonly associated with poor diet and inactivity, which could be an outcome of a leaky gut. Predominance of bad types of bacteria the digestive system is called as Dysbiosis. Type 2 diabetes is almost always associated with colonic dysbiosis and it is important to check whether there is a dysbiosis situation with a diabetic.


  • Dysbiosis Risk
  • Gut Permeability 
  • Intestinal Malabsorption
  • Clostridia Bacterial Overgrowth
  • Yeast and Fungal Infection 
  • Bacterial Overgrowth


  • Valine
  • Threonine
  • Glycine
  • 2-Aminoadipic Acid
  • Leucine
  • beta-Alanine


  • Citramallic
  • 4HBA 
  • 2HPA 
  • Indole3AA 
  • 4Hhippurate
  • PA 
  • 2Hhippurate
  • 4HPA
  • 4HPL
  • tartarate 
  • 3HP3HP 
  • hippurate1 
  • arabinose
  • 2HIC
  • 5HM2F
  • Benzonate

The Autonomic Nervous System has the function to regulate the 'automatic' functions of the body such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, stomach and intestinal function, bladder function and the brain function. Diabetes is known to be the most common cause of autonomic neuropathy. This panel of metabolism markers help assess the state of autonomic functions and early development of management/ treatment strategies.


  • Nervous Systems Function (Neurpoathy) Risk


  • 2-Aminoadipic Acid
  • beta-Alanine


  • 4HPA
  • hippurate1
  • Benzonate
  • PLA
  • 4HPL

Diabetic cardiopathy is a disorder of the heart muscle in people with diabetes. It can lead to inability of the heart to circulate blood through the body effectively. This panel of metabolic markers helps in early diagnosis and the development of treatment strategies for diabetes-associated cardiovascular dysfunction.


  • Cardiovascular Risk


  • Methionine


  • C6
  • Pyruvate
  • 2HB
  • myo-
  • Lactate

Offer: 5% add-on discount for 2 or more tests
Sample Requried: Blood, Urine
Test Mode: At Home
Turn Around Time: 7 to 10 Days
Fasting Time: None
Other Instructions: None
Recommended for: All Ages

About the Diabetes Metabolism Test in Gurgaon

The diabetes metabolism test in Gurgaon is a comprehensive at-home health testing package that focuses on your risk factors across 28 parameters. It is a crucial test if you have diabetes, as you need to track your risk of developing dysbiosis, neuropathy, cardiovascular issues, ketoacidosis, metabolic syndrome, etc. A complete diabetes test in Gurgaon can be delivered to your address for convenient at-home testing of your risk factors.

Along with a sugar test at home Gurgaon package, you should get a complete diabetes metabolism test to ensure that there is no risk of degeneration of organ output. Your risk factors for neuropathy, cardiac issues, resistance, and gut issues can rise as a result of diabetes, which is why tracking risk markers is important.

You can get the diabetes test at home Gurgaon kit, which will provide you with your risk factor results within 5-8 days. You can get a complete assessment in terms of glucose homeostasis, vitamin & nutritional metabolism, ketoacidosis, and other critical conditions. This can help you in terms of screening and preventative testing so that you are protected long-term.

Why Monitoring Glucose Levels alone may not be enough

Regularly testing your glucose levels with a sugar test at home may be an ideal option for managing your diabetes. However, to assess your risk of secondary conditions arising as a result of diabetes is significantly important. An A1C test can't provide the necessary risk marker data that can help you understand your risk for cardiovascular issues, gut dysbiosis, metabolism issues, neuropathy issues, etc.

You need a complete diabetes metabolism test in Gurgaon to know all the risk factors present for a thorough analysis. This can also be a part of a regular health check-up, as these risk factors are often missed out during annual checks, especially as you age.

Can early signals of deterioration of vital organ be picked up ?

There are early “indicators” found in your urine and/or blood samples called as “metabolites”, which hold clue to several unanswered questions about the status of your diabetes-related complications. The assessment of these metabolites provides a unique insight into an individual's cellular energy status, neuro metabolism, nutrient impacts and deficiencies.

  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Diabetic Cardiopathy
  • Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

To gain a comprehensive profile of your risk of deterioration of vital organs, it is important to get a complete diabetes metabolism test in Gurgaon. The 28 parameter test is designed as a complete diabetes screening test for secondary issues caused by the condition. You can get the diabetes test Gurgaon package and receive your report within 5-8 days, to take the necessary action instantly.

How does the early information helps me

The early information forewarns about the impending complications because of diabetes. It helps take preventive steps like, alteration (personalization) of your medication, improve the night drug regime or take other preventive steps well in time so that you may live with diabetes but not suffer because of it

Benefits of Diabetes Metabolism Test

  • Identify whether your anti-diabetic drugs (OHA) are having harmful effects on you - like Lactic Acidosis, Vitamin B12 deficiency etc.
  • Can identify drug-induced Liver dysfunction and therefore help “personalize” the medication to ensure that your liver is not harmed
  • Prediction of visceral adiposity (leads to insulin resistance) at an early stage
  • An early indication of impending ketoacidosis, diabetes-induced nutritional deficiencies
  • Monitoring of key metabolic parameters which indicate the health status of heart, kidney, liver and brain.

About the Quality of the Diabetes Metabolism Test

Quality assurance is done at 3 levels

  • Sample collection from home using one time sealed QR coded sterile kits and transportation to the lab including the temperature condition requirements
  • Sample acceptance and QC at the lab
  • Sample run at the NABL/CAP/ISO certified labs

    What are the benefits of early screening through the diabetes metabolism test?

    One of the main benefits of early screening is preventative tracking. If you have diabetes and understand the risks present across different organs, you can take the right actions sooner. You can share your report with your doctor and receive the best quality care for neuropathy, dysbiosis, ketoacidosis, cardiopathy, etc. You can also track for these specific conditions more closely with specialised testing, so that you can manage your risk factors along with tracking for sugar levels.

    What is diabetic cardiopathy?

    Diabetic cardiopathy is a heart disorder that is marked by the lack of other parameters that can cause heart issues. The existence of abnormal myocardial performance, without the presence of coronary disease, hypertension, and other traditional conditions, can be a key sign of diabetic cardiopathy.

    Increased inflammation, impaired calcium homeostasis, and improper energy production caused due to diabetes can lead to diabetic cardiopathy. If you have risk factors detected within diabetic cardiopathy, through methionine or urinary markers, then you need to consult with your health care provider immediately.

    Why is it important to test beyond standard blood glucose testing?

    If you have diabetes and you are monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly, you need to also track other vital levels to understand the impact of the condition on your organs. A blood glucose test or blood sugar test can only provide information on your blood glucose levels.

    You can also only know your average blood glucose levels with an A1C test. You need to test your blood and urine for secondary parameters to understand the impact of the condition on your other levels. That is why it is best to get a complete sugar test in Gurgaon done to check your blood glucose level, metabolism, and other important key markers.

    It is important to know your risk of cardiopathy, neuropathy, and gut dysbiosis, especially if you are experiencing symptoms already. Chronic fatigue, stomach pains, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and joint inflammation, can be early signs of these conditions.


    Gut dysbiosis should be tested immediately


    Should senior citizens get the diabetes metabolism test?

    Yes, checking for glucose levels in your blood for tracking the extent of diabetes in the body is key long-term. Blood sugar levels are important for tracking diabetes, but senior citizens need further testing to check for their risk of organ dysfunction through metabolites testing. The diabetes test at home Gurgaon package will be able to provide further details on risk of cardiovascular, neurological, gut dysbiosis, etc.

    What is the cost of the Diabetes Metabolism Test in Gurgaon?

    The diabetes metabolism test in Gurgaon cost is INR 3900 and is inclusive of all 28 parameter testing. You can get a complete risk assessment of various health indicators and parameters, which can shared via email within 5-8 days.

    The complete diabetes test Gurgaon price is optimized for comprehensive analyses and reporting, which can help you take the right next steps in consulting with a specialist. You can also use the package for regular check-ups to track you risk factor over time.

    How do I contact MyDiagnostics for the Diabetes Metabolism Test in Gurgaon?

    You can reach out to us at +9108047166161 for any queries about your diabetes metabolism test in Gurgaon. We can help you with understanding your risk factors and how the testing process works.

    • Individuals with diabetes that want to track secondary conditions that can be caused by the disease.
    • People who want to opt for preventative screening of potential heart, metabolism, or gut problems caused by diabetes.
    • Individuals with prior heart problems, who want to know the impact of diabetes on these conditions.
    • No special preparation is required for the test. You can follow the instructions mentioned in the testing kit.


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