• MyDiagnostics Super Brain : Brain Health & Fitness Assessment

Super Brain : Brain Health & Fitness Assessment

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Know about the test -

Brain Health & Fitness Assessment (from CogniFit) is a professional tool that helps assess brain function , using online cognitive tasks. The results from this cognitive test are useful for understanding the user's cognitive state, strengths, and weaknesses. This can help determine whether or not the cognitive changes that the user may be experiencing are normal, or if they reflect some kind of neurological disorder. 


Any one  can easily use this cognitive assessment.

  • The main aim of this cognitive test online is to help discover where there are symptoms or difficulties related to concentration/attention, memory, reasoning, planning, or coordination - 23 cognitive skills 
  • Know your brain fitness levels as per your age


This scientifically validated test is performed completely online and lasts about 30-40 minutes. After completing the evaluation, a report will automatically be generated with the user's cognitive profile

How it works -

  • Step 1: Book the test online
  • Step 2: Receive the assessment link in your email 
  • Step 3: Take assessment online (takes 30-40 minutes)
  • Step 4: Receive instant results

Know about the brain health -

Essential cognitive skills for a strong brain health -

  • Focus 
    • Ability to focus attention on single stimulus.  
  • Divided Attention 
    • Ability to attend to multiple stimulus at the same time & respond to multiple demands. Most task in our day-to-day life demands this skill 
  • Contextual Memory
    • The recall of the source and circumstances of a specific memory
  • Short Term Memory
    • The ability to hold a small amount of information for a short period of time 
  • Working Memory 
    • Temporary storage and processing of the information necessary for complex tasks
  • Visual Perception 
    • Ability to interpret the information that our eye receives 
  • Visual Scanning
    • Find information in our surrounding quickly
  • Estimation 
    • Ability to estimate distance, speed, movement & time
  • Response Time 
    • Process a stimulus and respond to it fast
  • Processing Speed 
    • Time taken to do a mental task 
  • Planning 
    • Ability to think-ahead to mentally anticipate the correct way to execute a task
  • Hand-Eye coordination 
    • Ability to perform actions that requires simultaneous use to our hands and eyes
  • Spatial Perception
    • Ability to evaluate how things are arranged in space
  • Inhibition 
    • Ability to ignore irrelevant stimulus or information 
  • Updating
    • Ability to oversee an action and course correct if any changes
  • Shifting 
    • Ability to adapt behaviour and thought to new changes in the environment