Feeling lethargy & chronic fatigue? Check your neurotransmitters

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Your neurotransmitters hold the key to several inherent illnesses and issues, that can manifest themselves in different symptoms. The role of neurotransmitters is critical in the brain and in the central nervous system, which is why neurotransmitters are essential to study.

If you are feeling anxious, lethargic, and getting a sense of lowered energy, then you should get a test of the neurotransmitters done immediately. It is important to the effective functioning of your other systems, that your levels on the neurotransmitter test are balanced.

What is a neurotransmitters test?

A neurotransmitter test is a complete profile and analysis of brain chemicals through blood and urine testing. Key neurotransmitters such as Gamma aminobutyric acid GABA, Glycine, and HVA, can be checked with the neurotransmitter test.

The test is vital to understanding the reasons behind symptoms, and is a key part of any regular annual health check-up. You should also get a neurotransmitter test done when you are suddenly experiencing low motivation or energy.

What's the role of neurotransmitters?

The role of a neurotransmitter is to carry a signal in the form of a chemical from one neuron to another. There are several types of neurotransmitters in the body, which is why testing them all is the right way of understanding the core reason behind symptoms. When there is an issue with the synaptic cleft or the overall functioning of the neurotransmitter then a neurotransmitter test is recommended.

Get a neurotransmitter test if you are feeling these symptoms

You can experience a range of symptoms such as low energy, low motivation, and a lack of quality sleep. You can study the core reasons behind these symptoms from the point of view of the nervous system function, by the analysis of the neurons of the CNS.

Chronic fatigue

Feelings of chronic fatigue could be related to your neurotransmitters not functioning effectively. You could also be feeling restlessness and a feeling of lack of complete motivation.

Feeling of anxiousness

A sensation of nervousness which escalates to complete anxiousness can be experienced when you have a neurotransmitter imbalance.

Issues with quality sleep

Your deep sleep, ability to fall asleep, and quality of sleep can be impacted when you have an imbalance.

Mood management issues

You may be angrier, more aggressive, sadder, or more anxious than usual. This can be connected to a neurotransmitter imbalance.

Impulsivity control issues

If you have been experiencing difficulty in controlling your impulses, which is causing harm to your body, then you should get a test done.

Difficulty focusing

Your body needs a healthy balance of different neurotransmitters to ensure that you can successfully focus on your tasks.

Here's what's included in a neurotransmitter test

There are several testing parameters in the neurotransmitter test. These markers can provide more insight on specific symptoms that you may be experiencing over time.

Blood markers


GABA is an inhibitory marker that plays a role in mood, sleep, anxiousness, and other essential functions.


If you constantly feel aggressive and angry, then you may need to check your glycine levels.


The excitatory marker is responsible for regulating appetite and improving learning.


This is a key marker that needs to be tested when you have difficulty focusing on tasks.

Urine markers


HVA is used to understand the levels of dopamine in the body, as well as the reward centre in the body.


This is another essential urine marker for neurotransmitter testing.


VMA is a key serotonin metabolite, and essential for understanding your mood. 

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