The Best Brain Food For Studying and Concentration For Exams

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There are a handful of brain health foods that enhance brain function and improve concentration. These brain foods are rich in the right nutrients to improve blood flow and enhance the functioning of the brain cells.

Key brain foods, such as healthy fats, eggs, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate improve mental function and output over time. Certain foods are also ideal for brain development and aid in slowing down cognitive decline in older people.

These are the best brain foods that you can go for

These are the best brain food for studying options that you can go for, with significant health benefits and a stronger impact on slowing mental decline for longer sessions.

Fresh fruits are the way ahead

Introducing fresh fruits are one of the best ways to boost brain function and boost brain health. You should go for fruits that contain Vitamin E, B, C, and D, which are vital for cognitive function optimization. You can increase your brain power and mental performance with the right balance of fruits.

Improve your intake of nuts

Nuts, including almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc., contain vitamin E and other minerals which can help in boosting brain function. You can consume them directly or add them to a meal.

Add more eggs

Eggs contain vital proteins, B vitamins, and phosphorus which are essential for improved brain functioning. You can add more eggs to improve your brain function and output.

Turmeric can be a brain booster

Curcumin present in turmeric can help in activating the brain-derived neurotrophic factor which can elevate your performance and mental function. You can introduce more foods with the superfood, and improve your brain processing.

Opt for more leafier greens

Leafy green vegetables contain calcium, phosphorous, and other valuable minerals, which are essential for brain function. They can also enhance memory and cognitive performance as they're rich in a range of vitamins.

Add seeds to your salads

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds can be a great brain food for long hours of studying. You can introduce them in your salads or consume them directly as well.

Improve healthy fats with avocado

Your brain needs a balance of healthy fats, which can be consumed via avocados. The healthy fat can help in improving cognitive performance, and the carotenoids can also boost output.

Increase intake of citrus

Citrus fruits can help in protecting nerve cells from injury, decline, and diminished output. They're also essential for immune function, which can help in reducing symptoms such as headaches, pain, and colds.

Watch out for these signs when you're studying 

Brain fog

Brain fog is another common sign that there may be issues with brain functioning due to a range of reasons.

Blurry vision

You may experience blurry vision, which could impact your mental function and output.

Joint pain

Joint pain can be a key symptom which should not go unattended.


Headaches are one of the more common signs of brain performance and output issues.

Chronic pain

You may also experience chronic pain which could escalate over time.

Lack of concentration

You may find it difficult to concentrate on certain types of texts if your brain function is affected.

Issues with short term memory

You may have issues with retention and remembering where you were when studying for long sessions. 

Here's what you should do when you're experiencing these signs 

Get a complete blood test

You can uncover core deficiencies that may be behind why you are experiencing these symptoms.

Start introducing the right nutrition

The right balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nutrition dense foods can help in boosting your mental performance.

Focus on exercise

Exercising can improve circulation and blood flow to the brain, which can directly benefit your brain function.

Change your lifestyle choices

You can cut out lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive drinking, constant junk food consumption, etc. for better brain function.

Focus on destressing activities

You can opt for yoga, meditation, and other destressing activities to replenish yourself. 

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