2D Echo vs ECG: Which test is best for you

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Doctors often recommend getting a complete heart scan, which is why you should know the differences between 2D echo vs ECG. Both an ECG and echo test are necessary to uncover cardiac health issues and irregularities, and are vital if you are at higher risk.

Both an echo and an ECG are tests of the heart that are non invasive and highly effectively. The difference between ECG and echo test is the way that the tests are performed. The 2D echo or an echocardiogram is an ultrasound of your heart, which is a critical way to review its functioning and output.

The electrical activity of the heart can be measured with an ECG or an EKG, which charts the heart's electrical signal through different stages. In the event that you are going for an annual check-up, it is important to get both tests done on the regular basis. You should get an echo test of your heart and get a medical opinion on your heart's electrical activity.

What does a 2D Echo test measure?

A 2D echo is an ultrasound test to determine the structure and functioning of the heart. You can get a sense of the heart's biological overview with the right 2D echo test.

What does an ECG test check for?

An ECG checks for the electrical activity of the heart, which is why it is used extensively to detect irregularities, potential blockages, and the effectiveness of a pacemaker.

Why do I need ECG and Echo tests? What are the differences?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of heart issues, then it is best to get a complete heart check-up done. The differences between ECG and echo boil down to their purpose and mode of testing. In the case of an ECG it is used to analyse the electrical system of the heart, while the Echo test is used for determining the mechanical system.

You also get a 2D visual image of the heart to analyse biologically in the case of a 2D echo, which is vital for complete analyses. The ECG is used for the determination of an irregular heart beat, finding blockages, or monitoring pacemakers. The echo test is used to determine root issues with the chambers of your heart.

Important symptoms of cardiac health issues

You shouldn't ignore these critical signs of a cardiac issue. You can get your symptoms medically analysed with the 2D echo and ECG tests.

Rapid heartbeat

A heart beat that suddenly becomes faster without external stimuli, needs to be tested through an ECG or echo test.

Heart palpitations

A heart palpitation is another important sign that you should get your heart health checked.

Chest pains

Chest pains should never be taken lightly, if they occur multiple times in a month and you have a family history of heart disease.

Chronic fatigue

Feeling constantly tired or fatigued can be critical signs that you have a heart health issue. If your blood tests aren't showing signs of deficiencies then your heart health could be the reason for constant fatigue.

Difficulty breathing

You may find it more difficult to breathe freely, or feel winded when climbing staircases or going for short walks. You should get your cardiac health tested with the 2D echo and ECG tests.

Problems with blood pressure

You may have an issue with blood pressure management, which can be as a result of heart health problems. You should get a complete heart scan done if you have a family history of blood pressure as well.

Shooting pain

If you experience shooting pain that goes from your heart to your arm, then there could be a major blockage or issue with the cardiovascular system.

Dizziness and headaches

You may have dizziness spells and headaches that can be caused due to underlying cardiac issues.

Where can I buy a 2D echo and ECG test?

You can buy the 2D echo and ECG test in India through MyDiagnostics. You can place an order online and get your testing location and other details directly via email.

When will I get my report?

The report is generated within the same day.

What is the cost of the 2D echo and ECG test in India?

You can get a complete three-part checkup done with the 2D echo, ECG, and treadmill heart test at INR 2500. You can easily schedule the test at a location near you through our platform, and receive all the information via email directly.

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