Aging well with diabetes

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               I am a 62-year-old woman and have been a very active person all my life. Whether it came to balancing my home and work or following my passions such as going out for a swim or playing my favourite sport I have always made time for all of it. I was proud that I had a healthy lifestyle and that I seldom fell ill. However, it came as a big shock to me when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I couldn't believe the results of a blood test I had taken as a part of my regular health checkup. I did have a few symptoms such as tiredness and hair loss but attributed it to old age. I never experienced excessive thirst or frequent urination which are usually the tell-tale signs of diabetes. I decided to take up a second opinion and began searching for some reliable testing services online. That's when one of my relatives suggested MyDiagnostics.

                We checked the site and contacted the team at MyDiagnostics. I explained to them my predicament and they suggested a suitable testing package for the same. The samples were collected and the results arrived after one day. I indeed had Type 2 diabetes. I found it difficult to digest this information as I believed that only people with bad diets, those who ate excessive fatty and sugary foods suffered from the disease. However, my doubts subsided after I was put through consultation with an experienced medical practitioner by the team at MyDiagnostics. She explained to me that diabetes might not always result due to an unhealthy diet or lifestyle but can also occur due to environmental factors or genetics. She also explained how I could lead a healthy life inspite of my diabetes through proper diet, exercise and timely medication. 

              Although I am still adjusting to my diagnosis, I now know that diabetes is a diagnosis and not a death sentence. I am thus trying to adjust my diet and lifestyle to ensure that I remain healthy and stress-free while still doing all that I love to do. 

Did you know that many people are overweight when they’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. However, you don’t have to be overweight to develop it.

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