What are the main benefits of a CGM sensor? How do I buy a CGM device?

There are several important benefits of a CGM sensor, specially as it relates to better accuracy in tracking. Continuous glucose monitors provide highly accurate glucose readings in a timely way. You can track your blood glucose level more closely, giving you integrated glucose measurement.

If you use insulin pumps and need to manage low blood sugar level, then getting a CGM installed is the best strategy. It can accurately provide instant alerts on too low or too high readings of blood glucose which is also called blood sugar in common terms.

Why should I get a CGM device? What are the main benefits of CGM for sugar?

There are multiple benefits of getting a CGM device installed and having it track your sugar levels.

Vital for diabetes mellitus

If you have diabetes and need to manage it long-term, then a CGM is one of the best investments. The device can send data directly to an integrated insulin pump so that you can immediate action.

Ease of tracking

If you want to track your data over time, then getting a CGM device is the best option. You can download the data directly and check for long-term trends.

Instant alerts for hypoglycaemic

If your blood sugar dips too low or spikes to high, then a CGM can give you the right alerts. These alerts can be life-saving in many cases.

Essential for accurate readings

If you are taking multiple daily insulin injections and need reliable continuous monitoring, then you need to have a blood glucose meter installed.

Important when making changes

If you are making changes in your diet, lifestyle, and physical activity levels, then having the right details on your glucose levels will be helpful.

Knowing what foods are right

You can check for spikes and dips after eating heavy and light meals. You can also check what kinds of foods are keeping your blood glucose levels stable, with real-time readings.

Better alternative to pricks

You can get a better alternative to finger pricking, which may be uncomfortable for several people. You can have the CGM installed and let the data be transferred automatically to your smartphone or other device.

How does a CGM device work?

A CGM device is a highly convenient way of measuring your blood sugar levels. In brief, the CGM device works according to the following steps.

Sensor placement

The first step is to place the sensor under your skin on your upper arm region. A qualified technician will be able to place this through an applicator and adhesive tape.

Readings initiation

Once the sensor is calibrated, the readings should be initiated. You should be able to get readings every few minutes or so throughout the day. You should also know the duration of the readings offered by the CGM, which in many cases is around 14 days.

Transmitting data

The data is transmitted wirelessly through the sensor to a smartphone or other device. The data sent to the device will be able to provide you with the information about your blood glucose levels.

Downloading the data

The data can be presented in the app or be downloaded in the raw format. You can then make the right trends, predictions, and analysis based on the high-quality data generated. You can also share this data with your healthcare provider.

What are the signs of low blood sugar?

These are the critical signs of low blood sugar that you should be careful of. These signs can be essential to track over time, so that you're able to get a better understanding of your core health issues.

Sudden shaking

You may get a sudden shaking sensation arising, which could be an important sign of low blood sugar levels.

Pale appearance

If your skin looks pale and your face is becoming white in appearance, then you may be going through a low-sugar episode.


Sudden bouts of sweating can be linked to low blood sugar or issues with blood sugar management.


The above symptoms, coupled with headaches, can be important to track if you have a history of low blood sugar.


Weakness in arms and legs

You may suddenly start getting weakness or fatigue in your arms and legs.

Heartbeat raising or slowing

A changing heartbeat can be connected to low-blood sugar levels. You should get this checked with your doctor.

Fatigue sensation

Sudden changes in energy levels, including long-term fatigue, may be linked to low blood sugar.



This is one of the most important signs to track if you are constantly feeling irritable in different situations.

How do I buy a CGM device in India?

You can buy a continuous glucose monitor to measure blood glucose levels through MyDiagnostics.

What is the cost of the CGM sensor and device?

The cost of the continuous glucose monitoring device is INR 2599, and is a viable solution to accurate tracking of blood sugar levels.